Ibiza, Moscow or Catania for my next trip?

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Ibiza, Moscow or Catania for my next trip? #bucketlist

20 July 2014

You choose where I go on my next trip!

Summer is all about travelling! And since travelling is what I love most Cheaptickets.nl invited me to to travel to one of three destinations that are on my bucket-list.

How cool :-).

Ibiza, Moscow and Catania are on my travel bucket-list for years. Ibiza is always a good idea (but haven’t been there for 11 years!), Moscow is said to be spectacular and Catania on the beautiful island of Sicily always had my attention.

You can now vote where I’m going to make a city guide during August 8 – 10!

Click on one of the photos below and then on ‘submit’. Thanks for voting!

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