Bucket list: high tea at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai

28 March 2015

edible gold at Burj Al Arab, the most expensive hotel of the world

The Burj Al Arab. It’s the hotel that we all know from photos of Dubai and the show on Discovery Channel about the construction of it. Burj Al Arab is the most expensive hotel of the world. In the shape of a sailing ship, in the middle of the sea at the coast of Dubai. WOW!

Of course staying at the Burj Al Arab is not for normal people like me. But… you can of course still go there for an afternoon tea. A fancy version of the high tea. In Amsterdam I only know one place that can live up to the high tea of the Burj and that is the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel (click here for the blog). My life motto is: “The Best Time To Celebrate Is Whenever You Can”. So when we were invited to go to Dubai I didn’t doubt for a second to make a reservation for the high tea at the Burj Al Arab.


The driveway at Burj Al Arab is already an experience by itself. There were pretty much only Bentleys there. Alright then! Once we were inside we pretended as if it was the most normal thing that we were actually there. For me it was the perfect occasion to bring out my YSL bag ;-). I probably will only come to Burj Al Arab once in my entire life, so I simply had to take a picture of myself sitting on the big leather couch :-).


The restaurant of Burj Al Arab in Dubai is almost the top floor of the building. With a fantastic view of the sea on the one side and the Palm Island on the other. The interior of the restaurant that has two Michelin stars isn’t exactly my thing. But let’s be honest, I haven’t been to many restaurants with stars that had interiors of my taste. And that’s perfectly fine. We’re here for the great flavours!

Some dishes even have a layer of edible gold on it!

The high tea is served in several courses. You can easily take your entire afternoon for it and skip dinner in the evening. Of course we started the afternoon with a glass of champagne. Which tasted really good with such an amazing view. Then the courses came one after another. From sweet to savoury and warm dishes. All just as delicious :-). Some dishes even have a layer of edible gold on it!

burj-al-arab-high-tea-dubai-5 burj-al-arab-high-tea-dubai-7

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burj-al-arab-high-tea-3 burj-al-arab-high-dubai-6.burj-al-arab-high-tea-dubai-4

Now I’ve eaten at quite some restaurants already, but I honestly think that the high tea at the Burj Al Arab is definitely part of the top-10. The service, the food, the location, the combination of it all makes this all so special. If you got something special to celebrate and you’re in Dubai then you should definitely try the afternoon tea. Keep in mind that after this whole experience, you will be leaving the building with a few hundred euro (p.p.) less on your bank account.

This is how you get to dubai!

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Burj Al Arab

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