Poké avo toasts


Food trend: poké avo toasts are hotter than hot

3 October 2017

poké avo toasts are the next big thing

Oh my… We spotted a new food trend in the USA and already in Amsterdam. An avocado toast, but not just an avocado toast; a poké avocado toast. A poké bowl on a roasted sandwich with avocado. Getting hungry already? Some poké spots in America placed the poké avo toasts on their menu and all of the sudden also in Amsterdam at Temakery and Pluk. But you can also make yourselves. Put a slice of bread into the grill, make (or order) a poké bowl et voilà, a poké toast!

Ps: do you already know the funnel cake ice cream sandwiches?

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Photocredits: Ehgg

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