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10 x Dim Sum in Amsterdam to try one by one

26 August 2019

our dim sum list got an update so check it out

The Asian kitchen is hot. And that makes us at Yourlbb very happy. And one of the things we like most is Dim Sum! You know: the steamed and fried small bites made of vegetables, meat, fish or rice and always served in these cute bamboo baskets. They taste sooooo good, don’t you think? In China Dim Sum is like a ‘high-tea’ moment. So I say, let’s bring it on and enjoy the spots for the best Dim Sum in Amsterdam!

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10 x the best dim sum in amsterdam

One Dim Sum: on the Overtoom in Amsterdam West there’s a restaurant dedicated to dim sum. From steamed to fried, and delicious bao buns!

Billie’s Bar: at the Westergasterrein you can find Billie’s Bar, named after the jazz legend Billie Holiday. Music is a big thing over here. Same as the food though, ’cause it’s really good. The menu consists of Oriental and Mediterranean dishes. Sushi and dum sum, to duck breast and sirloin steak.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum Thing: at the Foodhallen you can get dim sum as wel, YES! You can order the best Asian dishes, it’s our favourite stall till now. We’ve already been there and you can see in our video what we think of it.

happyhappyjoyjoy-amsterdam-14HappyHappyJoyJoy:  At Happyhappyjoyjoy (one of the coolest hotspots in Amsterdam) there are some amazing Asian dishes on the menu. Like, of course, Dim Sum! Steamed and fried. A must try is the Ngap Kauw! With Peking duck, shrimp and bamboo. And not only is the food very good; there is also a cool atmosphere at this spot in Amsterdam West! The remarkable red interior with red umbrella’s on the ceiling contribute to this. Happyhappyjoyjoy is an ideal place for a Dim Sum Night Out with friends (or your lover of course)!

Cha House: Cha House is the Japanes-Chinese eatcafé in Amsterdam East. We’re already getting excited by just reading the menu: dumplings, meat and veggie gyoza, and steamed patties, or sushi with crispy shrimp or yellowfin tuna. YUM!

ron-gastrobar-oriental-amsterdamRon Gastrobar Oriental: We are so glad that the second location of Ron Gastrobar opened up in the centre of Amsterdam: Ron Gastrobar Oriental And yes; with an Asian cuisine! Perfect to try all the Dim Sums on the menu and share with friends. Don’t forget to book a table, this hotspot is busy!

Oriental city: Oriental City is located in the centre of Amsterdam and this spot might be the most popular Dim Sum spot for locals. To be honest: the interior is not very trendy. But the Dim Sums are delicious! The menu is furthermore very extensive which means a lot of choice!

Dim Sum

Sea Palace: This is a place where it feels like you’re traveling through Asia. Sea Palace is a classic Chinese restaurant where the interior is just like the places in China itself! It’s in walking distance from Central Station (handy) and the restaurant floats on water. The menu is huge, and the Dim Sums are very tasty…definitely worth a visit!

Hoi Tin: In our own Chinatown 020 (in the Red Light District in Amsterdam) you can find Hoi Tin, a restaurant that has been there for years. You’ll feel like you’re actually in South-East China because of the typical Cantonese interior style. Having difficulties finding Hoi Tin? It’s right next to the He Hua Temple, just so you know. Go and enjoy the Dim Sum! I dare you to try the Dim Sum filled with hot peppers :-)


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