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11 X best hotels in Maastricht for every budget

15 May 2024
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Maastricht is one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands for a weekend getaway. I love heading south for a romantic and, above all, Burgundian weekend with my partner. Where should you stay in this charming city? Find the best hotels in Maastricht on Your Little Black Book. We’ve updated the list with the latest hotels in Maastricht. From budget to super-luxury, there are hotel recommendations here for every budget!

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11 X best boutique hotels in Maastricht for every budget

Maison Haas Hustinx & Spa

I stayed at this hotel during my last visit to Maastricht. It is lovely in every season, but especially magical when the Christmas market is right outside the door on Vrijthof Square. They recently updated Maison Haas Hustinx & Spa, and hotel guests can now also indulge in the wonderfully luxurious hotel spa (for a fee).

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beste hotels maastricht

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Hotel Monastère Maastricht

This beautiful boutique hotel is located in a stunning building just a few minutes from Maastricht’s market. The rooms at Hotel Monastère are classic and wonderfully luxurious. We stayed here when my son was still a baby, and everything was arranged perfectly. What’s great is that they have an in-house restaurant, so when the baby sleeps in the room with the baby monitor, you can enjoy some quality time for the two of you. I would do it all over again!

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More great hotels in Maastricht

Fitz Roy Urban Hotel

It is one of the nicest new hotels in Maastricht and should not be missing from this list. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, the restaurant is recommended for an extensive lunch. Fitz Roy Urban Hotel is the kind of hotel where you immediately feel at home due to its modern interior and attention to detail. It is a recommendation for a night in Maastricht for two!

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beste hotels maastricht

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Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt

This castle on the outskirts of Maastricht was completely renovated a few years ago. It was necessary, but the result is impressive. Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets at the end of the day. You can dine in the on-site restaurant and take a morning stroll across the estate.

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kasteelhotel maastricht

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Townhouse Hotel

You will immediately feel at home when you check in at the Townhouse Hotel in Maastricht. A pot of soup awaits you at the reception, and you can even rent a goldfish for your room! The lobby, which feels like a living room, is always pleasantly busy —with hotel guests and locals who come for coffee and treats. The interior is a delightful mix of vintage and design, and each room has a different theme.

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Beste hotels maastricht

© Townhouse Hotel

The Dutch

The Dutch is the most charming design-hotel in Maastricht. The interior reminds me of Miami, with cheerful colours and unique art throughout the entire building. The rooms at The Dutch come in all shapes and sizes, each uniquely decorated. Some are basic and affordable, while others are over-the-top and more luxurious. Like the disco room where we stayed! Complete with a pink bathtub in the middle of the room and a rotating disco ball; it was a stay full of glitter.

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© The Dutch

More best hotels in Maastricht


If you arrive in Maastricht by train and check in at Kaboom, you won’t have to drag your suitcases far. This hotel is located right across from the station! It’s a budget-design hotel (book in advance, and you can stay here for a reasonable price) with stylish rooms. I find the attention to detail in the hotel quite enjoyable. Everything here is done with a BANG! You’ll understand what I mean when you check-in.

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Beste hotels maastricht

© Kaboom

Mabi City Center hotel

The Maby City Center Hotel underwent a complete renovation a few years ago. The classic interior has been replaced by a very Instagram-worthy concept that will surely appeal to you if you are a Millennial and love boutique hotels like me. A fun detail: this hotel is located in an old cinema, and upon request, you can still watch film classics in a small screening room with a side of popcorn. How cool is that?

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© Mabi City Center hotel

Trash de Luxe

This budget-design hotel is located near the market square. Hotspots like De Brandweerkantine and the new Lumière cinema are just a few minutes’ walk away. The rooms at Trash de Luxe are dark, and those who look closely will recognize that everyday objects have been recycled for the accessories.

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© Trash de Luxe

The social hub

The Social Hub is another budget design hotel that is great for a city trip to Maastricht. It is a bit further from the centre, but you can rent bikes to reach the city centre in no time. The public spaces at The Social Hub are always colourful and filled with fun design items. The rooms are deliberately basic, so you only pay a little for (unnecessary) luxury you might not even use.

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 | Do you prefer an apartment or holiday home? Then check out Dormio just outside of Maastricht >> Perfect for family and friends!

Beste hotels maastricht

© The social hub

Have fun in Maastricht!

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