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Babassu Amsterdam: beauty store & skin spa

22 February 2014

Experience the Cold Plasma treatment at Babassu Amsterdam!

Since I turned 30 last May I went to a beauty salon more often than in the last 15 years. I don’t mind getting older but I do want to keep my wrinkless skin as long as I can :-). So I’m trying and testing many beauty treatments in Amsterdam to figure out what works best for my skin. Last week I went to Babassu in Amsterdam. It’s a lovely beauty store and skin spa.

Cold Plasma treatment

Have you ever heard of Dr. Perricone? He’s a famous dermatologist form the US and specialised in anti-aging skin care products and treatments. Babassu is one of the few skin spas in Amsterdam that uses the Perricone MD products. The Cold Plasma treatment is said to be one of the best. So I decided to go for it!

Whatever your age or skin type, Cold Plasma delivers great results. Cold Plasma is a dermatological break through explained beauty specialist Saima to me. It’s a delivery system that supplies skin with vital nutrients to address the 10 visible signs of aging. It reduces wrinkles, large pores, redness, dryness and loose of firmness and radiance. The treatment includes a cleansing and deep tissue massage with Cold Plasma.

The whole treatment was amazing. You just feel how the skin products do their work. But maybe the next day is even better! Saima gave me some samples to use at home and I have to admit that I’m impressed by the results. My skin looks less tired and feels sooo smooth. I will definitely go back to Babassu in Amsterdam for a second treatment.

Classic Pedicure

Did I already tell you that I’m going to Austin in a few weeks? Time to get my feet spring proof! The Classic Pedicure at Babassu in Amsterdam is perfect to do so. After this treatment your feet will feel super smooth and look stunning in your new sandals :-). Since the last 5 years I always wear black nail polish on my toenails. Matches with every sandal! What’s your favourite colour to use on your feet?

Babassu Beauty and Spa in Amsterdam Babassu Beauty and Spa in Amsterdam

Babassu Amsterdam Skin Spa

Address: Cornelis Schuytstraat 40, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam Old South
Price level: Classic Pedicure € 58,- and Cold Plasma (90 min) € 133,-
Perfect for: indulge yourself in this city-spa and feel as new when you leave!

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Anne de Buck

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