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I LOVE… books! “On Top” by Anna Nooshin

23 April 2015

Just launched: “On Top”, Anna Nooshin’s first book!!

Earlier this year I was in Hong Kong with Anna Nooshin from NSMBL. In the air somewhere between Amsterdam and Hong Kong she showed me the lay-out of her soon to launche book. Her first book -ever!- called “On Top” is in book stores now after a festive event at Le Coq in Amsterdam today.

About On Top

When she was 7 years old, Anna came to the Netherlands as a refugee from Iran. She spent her youth partly in a asylum seekers center. In On Top she tells you about her past, and what she has learned from it. She wants to inspire other women to get the best out of their lives, and reach their goals.

Next to this, she gives a sneak peak into the online business world and the fashion-scene. Are you planning to become an entrepreneur yourself? Then On Top will be a huge source of inspiration for you! Anna likes to make fun of herself every now and then, so she tells her story with a funny twist around it. Next to learning a lot from her book, you will surely laugh as well!

Curious about Anna’s book?
>> Order a copy of On Top here >> 
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