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5 x restaurants in Hamburg: from curry sausage to culinary delights

12 March 2015

Foodieproof these 5 restaurants in Hamburg

As a foodie, I always try to visit as many nice restaurants as possible. When I went to Hamburg I was so curious about all the good food hotspots! Of course I wanted to go somewhere to eat curry sausages andspätzle. A typical German dish of pasta and cheese that I really had to try, so I was tolled. But I was also curious about other hip places. In this blog, I have listed five restaurants in Hamburg you have to go!

1. Bullerei | restaurants in Hamburg

This restaurant is known as the culinary sensation in Hamburg! TV cook Tim (the German Jamie Oliver) is famous for his delicious meals. Bullerei is situated in an old building and has a cool industriel look. It’s a really nice place to have dinner!
Bullerei, Lagerstraße 34b, Hamburg.

2. Atelier F | restaurants in Hamburg

Eat a French American dish at the restaurant, with steak, burgers and mussels with French fries. Or go for some finger food to the bistro! Atelier F has it all! The bistro has a industrial and a rugged look; the restaurant is a bit fancier and  has a champagne bar. Cheers!
Atelier F, Große Bleichen 31, Hamburg.

3. Altes Mädchen | restaurants in Hamburg

Here they love beers and good food! You can choose out of 60 kinds of beers and food made with local ingredients and organic (as much as possible). At Altes Mädchen you can enjoy pulled pork, roast beef, fish and fresh bread from a wood oven with curry sausage.
Altes Mädchen, Lagerstraße 28b, Hamburg.

4.  Zum Spätzle | restaurants in Hamburg

This is a cute, little restaurant near bij the Big Market. Zum Spätzle serves typically German dishes: spätzl, maultaschen and German soep!
Zum Spätzle, Wexstr. 31, Hamburg.

5. VJU | restaurants in Hamburg

Dinner with a view, here at VJU! On top of a energy bunker in Wilhemsburg, you have a 360 degrees view over the city. Een beautiful view! Just a small note: VJU is open until 18 pm. So go here for a afternoon lunch and skip dinner ;-)
VJU, Neuhöfer Straße 7, Hamburg.

Bon apetit!

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