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5 x coffee in Hamburg: the nicest coffee hotspots for a cup of coffee

9 March 2015

Hamburgs coolest hotspot to drink your coffee

In Hamburg you find nice coffee bars on almost every corner of the street. Fortunately,

because I can’t do without a coffee in the morning! Or in the afternoon. Or after dinner. Do you go to Hamburg anytime soon and want to know where you can drink the best coffee? I have listed five of the best coffee hotspots to drink coffee in Hamburg!

1. Elbgold | coffee in Hamburg

Get the best coffee of Hamburg at Elbgold! Here you have a wide choice of many different kinds of coffee; but all fair trade. This coffee hotspot is industrial furnishings and they also serves delicious cakes.
Elbgold, Lagerstraße 34c, Hamburg.

2. Caffé Latte | coffee in Hamburg

In the popular district of Saint Pauli you can drink coffee at Caffé Latte. There is a cozy living room atmosphere here and in summer you can sit outside on a small terrace. And did you know that you can have a vegan breakfast here?
Caffé Latte, Wohlwillstrasse 49, Hamburg.

3. Krögers Kleine Schwester | coffee in Hamburg

Drink a delicious espressos here, at Krögers Kleine Schwester! More fan of coffee with milk? At Krögers Kleine Schwester you can choose from soy milk or lactose-free. Good to know if you have lactose intolerance.
Krögers Kleine Schwester, Grosse Bergstrasse 243, Hamburg.

4. Erste Liebe | coffee in Hamburg

How nice is the name of this coffee hotspot! At Erste Liebe they combine coffee with art. Drink a cappuccino while looking at art of several German photographers and illustrators.
Erste Liebe, Michaelisbrücke 3, Hamburg.

5. Public Coffee Roasters | coffee in Hamburg

Public Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee bar. That promises good coffees! They roast their own beans and look for special, different and new coffee flavors every day. You wanna know more about coffee? Go here!
Public Coffe Roasters, Wexstraße 28, Hamburg.

Planning your city trip to Hamburg now:

Getting there!
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Hotels in Hamburg
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