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18 hotspots in Antwerp you want to know!

20 May 2016

Discover these #goodweird hotspots during your Antwerp City Trip

I like Antwerp so much! And yet, it took me over a year to visit this beautiful city again. So, when the tablet brand Lenovo asked me if I wanted to switch places with the Belgium blogger Yentl Keuppens, I didn’t hesitate. Antwerp here we come! The reason why I hadn’t been there for a while was because of my busy travel schedule to faraway places. Like last year when I went to Hong Kong! During that journey through Asia, I got to know the brand Lenovo: which is the number one brand over there for tablets and laptops. In Antwerp, I used the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, the newest tablet of Lenovo to discover the most fun #goodweird hotspots. In this blog, I enumerate my 18 favorites! Curious about my adventure in Antwerp? See the video below!

18 hotspots in Antwerp you don’t wanna miss

1 >> Wild >>
Eat delicious and healthy food all day long at this lovely vegan hotspot. On weekdays (except Tuesday) you can have breakfast from 10 am and different lunch dishes are being served during the rest of the day. Wild is a vegetarian and vegan bistro which is very cosy and equipped with vintage furniture. I ate the sandwich with feta and it was so delicious. Tip: on Friday night, there are often mini-concerts with live music.
Wild, Grote Pieter Potstraat 21,

antwerpen city guide

2 >> Balls & Glory >>
If you want to eat the most delicious meatballs of Antwerp, you have to go to Balls & Glory at the trendy Eilandje. You’ll find this original restaurant at the Felixpakhuis which is also known for its delicious brunch in the weekends. At Balls & Glory you can have four different kind of hand-rolled meatballs everyday. The interior of Balls & Glory looks really great and you can also buy delicious things to take home.
Balls & Glory, Godefriduskaai 30,

3 >> MAS >>
Across from Balls & Glory, you’ll find the MAS: Het Museum aan de Stroom. Not really an undiscovered place but definitely worth a visit. Because on the roof you have a breath-taking view over Antwerp.
Museum aan de Stroom, Hanzenstedenplaats 1,

4 >> Bia Mara >>
I knew this spot from Brussels and when I walked by, I just had to go inside for a delicious fish. At Bia Mara, you can eat fish and chips for little money. You’ll find this hotspot nearby the Stadhuis of Antwerp. A neighbourhood with a lot of small streets and there is something to discover everywhere. A must visit place if your visiting the city!
Bia Mara, Maalderijstraat 1,

5 >> Frank & Brut >>
Do you love bubbles? CHECK! Do you love hotdogs? CHECK! Then you definitely need to eat at Frank & Brut. A great restaurant where the menu is filled with hotdogs and champagne. Reserve a table next to the entrance and you’ll have the feeling you’re in a chique dining spot. And the food? It was so delicious! Beside the hotdogs, they also had world dishes, which you can share, on the menu.
Frank & Brut, Ernest van Dijckkaai 19,

antwerpen city guide

6 >> The Recollection >>
Maybe The Recollection is one of the most beautiful concept stores of Antwerp. You’ll find this unique store in the Kloosterstraat. One of the few streets where the shops are also open on Sunday! The collection of The Recollection exists of home wear, beauty products, fashion and lifestyle items. I can look around for hours in here!
The Recollection, Kloosterstraat 54,

antwerpen city guide

7 >> Banks Hotel >>
If your looking for a hotel at a super central location, than the Banks hotel in the Steenhouwersvest is an address you want to know. This design hotel has a lobby and rooms that are totally equipped in white. The greatest thing about Hotel Banks is definitely the happy hour for the guests. Everyday, you can have drinks at the lobby from 17 pm until 20 pm. Bites, wine and bubbles are served so you can afterglow after a lovely day in the city. If it’s cold you can enjoy your drink at the fireplace and during summer, at the courtyard. You know what’s so cool about the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 which I’ve tested? It contains a projector making it possible to play a movie on a white wall. Thanks to that, you have your own bios in your hotel room!
Banks Hotel, Steenhouwersvest 55,

antwerpen city guide

8 >> Steen en Been >>
At the Volksstraat, you’ll find a shop which I always visit when I’m in Antwerp. At Steen en Been, many unique things are sold. From beautiful shells from tropical waters to skulls from different kind of animals. If you’re looking for something unique to upgrade your living room, then this is the place to be.
Steen en Been, Volkstraat 59,

antwerpen city guide

9 >> Me & My Monkey >>
At Me & My Monkey you’re at the right address if you love delicious coffee and vinyl. When the weather is great, you can sit on the mini terrace in the sun. Also a great lunch spot and nearby the Kloosterstraat!
Me & My Monkey, Oever 18, Facebook

10 >> Kaffeenini >>
For a delicious breakfast in Antwerp, you have to go to Kaffeenini. A fun decorated cafe on the Nationalestraat at the Fashion quarter. They have delicious bagels and they’re early open for a great cup of coffee!
Kaffeenini, Nationalestraat 114a, Facebook

antwerpen city guide

11 >> Raw Salad Company >>
Looking for something healthy? Than the Raw Salad Company can’t lack on your must visit list during a weekend in Antwerp. Here you only find healthy salads on the menu which you can eat on the spot, but it’s even more fun to take it with you for a picknick in the park.
Raw Salad Company, Kammenstraat 55,

12 >> Mokkakapot >>
In the neighbourhood Borgerhout you find the hotspot Mokkakapot. It’s a meeting spot where locals are working on their laptops while drinking a fresh juice or coffee. Mokkakapot is a cafe, gallery and cultural hub, all under one roof. In the summer, the light building also has a lovely terrace, but unfortunately it wasn’t there when we were there. The vintage interior is very cosy!
Mokkakapot, Sergeyselsstraat 2,

antwerpen city guide

13 >> Graffitiwall >>
Did you know there is a huge graffiti wall in Antwerp? I didn’t! Thanks to the tips of the followers of the Belgium blogger Yentl Keuppens, I discovered this wall in the neighbourhood Zurenborg. It starts in the Krugerstraat and extends to the Minkelersstraat. Huge murals on industrial buildings and they’re very long! It almost looks like the neighbourhood Bushwick in New York!
Krugerstraat & Minkelersstraat

antwerpen city guide

14 >> Bar Chine >>
HMMMM… I’m always in for some Asian street food! In the neighbourhood Zurenborg, you’ll find Bar Chine, a cosy eatery where you can enjoy delicious bites of China and other parts of Asia. The interior is hip and in the evening you can drink a cocktail at the bar!
Bar Chine, Draakplaats 3,

antwerpen city guide

15 >> Wasbar >>
Like the name suggests, this bar has something to do with laundry. Dirty laundry! Because while you are washing your clothes, you can lunch or drink a coffee until your clothes are clean.
Wasbar, Graaf van Egmontstraat 5,

16 >> Orso Pizzeria >>
This pizza spot has been on my to do list for a while. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place! This hotspot is located in the neighbourhood Zurenborg which isn’t in the touristic center of Antwerp. A real local neighbourhood where you can find a lot of great restaurants. Orso is a small eatery with a super fun interior. With a pink wall and merry pads on the couches. We ate a delicious, real Italian pizza over here!
Orso Pizzeria, Grote Beerstraat 46,

antwerpen city guide

17 >> Shopping in the Kammenstraat & Kloosterstraat >>
When I’m in Antwerp, I like to shop in the Kammenstraat and all the side streets. In this neighbourhood, you’ll find a lot of unique boutiques with a surprising assortment. From vintage to interior shops to fashion. Good to know: Hotel Banks is just behind the corner! Another street you have to visit is the Kloosterstraat. Especially on Sunday! This is one of the few streets in Antwerp where all the shops are open on Sunday.
Kammenstraat, Kloosterstraat, Vlaamsekaai, Graaf van Egmontstraat

18 >> Bun >>
Vietnam is my number one country I want to visit. So, when I have the chance to eat Vietnamese during a city trip, I’m always happy. The place to be in Antwerp for a delicious Vietnamese dish is the hotspot Bun.
Bun, Sint-Jorispoort 22,

antwerpen city guide

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