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Ergon Agora Thessaloniki: beautiful food concept store and deli

20 May 2016

Ergon Agora is a spot not to miss for foodies in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a great city to take a stroll through the narrow streets. Just before I wanted to dive into a side street I discovered foodie hotspots Ergon Agora Thessaloniki. A super nice concept store completely dedicated to the very best food. It’s a kind of Greek mini mercado where you can also enjoy a cup of coffee or to have breakfast, lunch, brunch or have something to eat in the evening. This hotspot in Thessaloniki is open from 9 o’clock in the morning to 1 am at night!

Ergon Agora Thessaloniki

Ergon Agora Thessaloniki

Ergon Agora Thessaloniki

Ergon Agora in Thessaloniki is without a doubt one of the most beautiful food concept stores I’ve ever been. At Ergon Agora you can get fresh groceries. Very useful if you’re staying in an apartment, for example, and you want to make your own dinner. There is a butcher, greengrocer, fish shop and bakery where you can take everything to go. But it’s even more fun to actually dine in at the cosy restaurant of Ergon Agora Thessaloniki. On the menu you will find a large selection of the most delicious spreads and charcuterie to complement your drinks. Which you obviously combine with a glass of Greek wine or a craft beer! Furthermore, there are delicious lunch dishes including squid (where can you enjoy that better than in Greece!) and various salads on the menu.

Ergon Agora Thessaloniki

If you are on a holiday in Thessaloniki then Ergon Agora is an address not to miss out on. More great addresses can be found in the extensive Thessaloniki City Guide!

Ergon Agora Thessaloniki

PS: did you know that there are also branches of this cool food concept in cities like London, Miami and Brussels?

Ergon Agora Thessaloniki

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>> Yourlbb’s favourite hotels in Thessaloniki are: The Met, The City Hotel, Makedonia Palace or more budget friendly The Colors.

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Ergon Agora

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