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Zwemvijver Boekenberg Antwerp: natural waterpool for hot days

30 June 2015

Zwemvijver Boekenberg Antwerp ecological waterpool

Ok, I will admit.. Zwemvijver Boekenberg Antwerp is a little bit cheating when it comes to the Antwerp City Guide. But I really want to share this nice spot with you. This little paradise in the middle of the nature is located in Deurne. Officially this is in the city district of Antwerp and it’s only a 10 minute bike ride away from Antwerp Berchem station.

Zwemvijver Boekenberg Antwerp is located in the Boekenbergpark in Deurne and is the bigest ecological water pool from Europe. Special bottom material and plants purify the water in a natural way. As a result the pool contains no chemicals! The big pool is very chill and about 73 meters long. There also is a smaller pool for the little ones and a big lawn to relax.

Nice little fact! During the winter you can swim here as well. The only condition is that you bring a rescuer. Zwemvijver Boekenberg turns in the winter into Deurnese Polar Beers. OMG… this sounds soooo cold to jump in the water in the winter… but if you’re brave enough… give it a try!

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Zwemvijver Boekenberg Antwerp

Van Baurscheitlaan 88, 2100 Antwerpen, België

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