13 x the best croissants in Amsterdam

croissants in amsterdam

these are the spots for the best croissants in amsterdam!

It’s something French, it’s something classic and it’s so good: the croissant. It’s just one of those things that you want to eat every now and then. Instead of your daily yoghurt, acai bowl or pancake. Yes, there’s nothing better than a good croissant, plain or with butter and marmelade, right? For that reason we proudly present you our tribute to this all time favorite. Read on and discover the 13 best croissants in Amsterdam.

13 X the best croissants in amsterdam to try now

Metropolitain:Looking for a nice breakfast, brunch and lunchpost near the Rokin? Then Metropolitain is where you should go to. Besides toasts, eggs and sandwiches they also have the classic croissant on the menu. Craving chocolate? Order the pain au chocolate!

Kessens: At Kessens located on the Rozengracht, they’re specialized in breakfast, brunch and lunch. You can come here all day for the sandwiches, soups and salads. But also a croissant with butter and jam. In a hurry? They also have take out!

Borrl Kitchen: The name doesn’t make it sound like it, but at Borrl Kitchen in Amsterdam-East you can eat breakfast. The croissants are freshly baked and if you enjoy sitting here, you can stay until ‘borrel tijd’ (drinks time).

Pluk: Croissants with homemade jam, chocolate croissants or a croissant as part of your eggs benedict. At Pluk, located in the Nine Streets, they love this french classic and you will too after eating one here.

Teds: Teds is a brunch heaven in Old-West. They serve meatballs, chicken with avocado, croque monsieurs & madames and croissants for 2 euros. What else do you need?

Le Pain Quotidien:Le Pain Quotidien has multiple location in Amsterdam and is a favourite for many. Not weird at all. They have a classic croissant but also one with almonds. We recommend it for sure!

croissants in amsterdam

Le Fournil de Sébastien: The French bakery Le Fournil de Sébastien is located in Amsterdam-South. They don’t just have fresh bread, no they also have real French croissant. And those are the best right?

De Bakkerswinkel: De Bakkerswinkel has several location, but at the one in the city center they have delicious croissants. Normal ones or with choco. Yummm!

De Laatste Kruimel: Shopping but want to eat something tasty? Visit De laatste Kruimel. Coffee, quiches, pies and let’s not forget the croissants.

Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys: It might be hard to notice the croissants in between of all the big breads, but they do have them! Order a breakfast menu which inclused a croissant or just order a croissant (or a couple).

Roost:  Every day at Roost, they bake fresh croissant. And let’s be honest, nothing’s better than a fresh croissant right?

Gebroeders Niemeijer: A petit déjeuner with croissant? They have it at Gebroeders Niemeijer. But you can also order them on the side. And you do want to try these, they taste as if you just bought them at a bakery in France.

Melly’s Cookie Bar: Deze cookie bar heeft niet alleen de lekkerste cookies maar ook zeker tasty chocolade croissants. Toch geen zin in een croissant, dan moet je echt een van de koeken proberen. Te lekker zijn ze hier! This cookie bar doesn’t only have the best cookies, they also have very tasty chocolate croissants. Don’t want a croissant? Get one of the cookies. They’re sooo good.

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