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15 X bakeries with the most delicious sourdough bread here in Amsterdam

13 January 2021
Photo credit: Het Bakhuys

Sourdough bread is hot  in [category cat=”5682″ text=”Amsterdam”] and I can only applaud that, because there is almost nothing more satisfying than putting your teeth into a perfect piece of bread  with  salted butter  or olive oil. Fortunately, there are more and more  bakers  in the capital who understand how to bake sourdough bread.  Ideal for every day! We collected 15 bakers with the  most delicious sourdough bread in Amsterdam.

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15 X the most delicious sourdough bread in Amsterdam

Levain et Le Vin: At weekends there are queues at the door of Florence’s Levain et Le Vin. She only recently opened her bakery, but city and country already know how to find her. Not only the round breadrolls take care of the enthusiastic customers, also the cinnamon buns and focaccia are mouth-watering. Also nice: she sells a nice selection of (natural) wines.
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 168, Amsterdam –

Baking with Passion: And whether they bake with passion at this bakery on the non-market part of the Albert Cuypstraat! The façade is made entirely of glass, so your tin is caught directly by the tables full of breads, baguettes, croissants and everything else.
Albert Cuypstraat 53, Amsterdam –

Le Fournil de Sébastien: It’s a tricky  statement, but I dare to say it: At Le Fournil de Sébastien you get the very best croissants and baguettes of the city. There, I said it. The line outside helps you remember that it’s Saturday morning, but luckily it usually goes pretty fast. Go here. Buy a lot of bread. Enjoy.
119 Olympiaplein, Amsterdam –

Hartog’s Whole Grain: Hartog’s Whole Wheat has been the place for wholegrain bread in Amsterdam for years. Their recognisable thumps are freshly baked all day long on the Wibautstraat and are incredibly tasty. The spelt bread is made with 100% sourdough, the other bread with a part yeast and sourdough. Both equally good, so good luck choosing!
77 Wibautstraat, Amsterdam –

Noé Boulangerie & Patisserie Bio: The French are baking bread and let Noé work according to French traditionally on the Vijzelgracht. Here you always sit well when it comes to daily bread, croissants and other pasta.
Vijzelgracht 20, Amsterdam –

Het Bakhuys: If you ever travel through the Weesperplein or study nearby, Het Bakhuys will undoubtedly know. This fine, spacious case is the go to  spot of many for a baking crush, currant or extensive bread. Eat your breakfast on the spot or bring something to eat at home.
61 Sarphatistraat, Amsterdam –

The Vlaamsch Broodhuys: Well, the Vlaamsch Broodhuys, what else can we say about that? Simply always good, especially the Christophe Pavé. Put your teeth in the bread,  smell the sourdough and imagine yourself in a cornfield in France.
Various locations, Amsterdam –


Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys

The Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Bakery Straathof: On the Ten Katemarkt you will find Bakery Straathof, with the best bread of the market and surroundings. In winter it is also the place for the best oil globes.
Ten Katestraat 21, Amsterdam –

Baking Lab: Baking Lab is not just a bakery, it is a place where food waste is prevented and the art of bread baking is shared. By their self-developed method using reused bread, their bread is longer-sustainable. Convenient!
99 Linnaeusstraat, Amsterdam –

Brothers Niemeijer: Another French winner in this list. Brothers Niemeijer is an institution in the city and bakes the bread for many restaurants. The fougasses are like in  la douce France, just like the baguettes, cannelés, croissants and basically everything they sell there. Here, too, you can enjoy on the spot or bring things for home. Or just both.
Nieuwendijk 35, Amsterdam –

Paul Année: Whole wheat bread grown without artificial fibre and chemicals, that’s what you get from Paul Année around the corner from De Hallen. The bread sold in their own bakery, but also at numerous restaurants, cafes, natural food shops and hotels.
8 Bellamystraat, Amsterdam – b

Eline Ex: Eline Ex’s bread gets its taste, structure and crunchy crust, among other things, due to its long fermentation (in total one day) and homemade sourdough culture. The small place in [category cat=”5684″ text=” Amsterdam Noord”] is open wednesday, Thursday and Saturday until it is sold out. Picked the wrong one? Taste the bread at  wine bar 4850, Scandinavian Embassy  of  Rosie’s.
Wadden Road 8, Amsterdam –

Bakers of East: The taste of Amsterdam, wrapped in bread. Bakkers van Oost always listens to the desire of customers to bake the best and tastiest bread possible. This bread is worth cycling!
Sumatrastraat 42 and Kadijksplein 6, Amsterdam –

Baker’s sons: A bread shop run by the sons of two bakers. That sounds like a nice story, but is still a reality at bakery De Bakkerszonen in [category cat=”5767″ text=” Amsterdam East”]. Here Johan Hartog and Martijn Meijer are at the helm, where they continue the profession of their parents.
Mosveld 113, Beech Square 8 and Roetersstraat 21, Amsterdam –

Bbrood: Bbrood bakes with a mission: they like to make the earth a little better. Sustainability is of great importance, as is nutritious and healthy bread. For this reason they work as locally as possible and want to move towards a zero waste way of working in the coming years. Especially the cornbread is highly recommended!
Various locations, Amsterdam –

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