Copenhagen City Guide


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Intro Copenhagen

Copenhagen, a beautiful city full with lovely neighborhoods that all have its own character. One of them is Nyhavn, probably the most known district in Copenhagen. Here you have the very famous little historical coloured houses where each tourist would stop by to take a couple of selfies. Even though the little historical houses are very pretty, it doesn’t stop here when it comes to architecture and design in Copenhagen. Copenhagen loves design and you can definitely tell when you’re in town. That’s because there are so many hotspots there with well-decorated interior!

In Copenhagen you need to shop at Strøget, one of the longest shopping routes in Europe. For Christmas it might be fun to go to Tivoli, a theme park that’s located in the city center of Copenhagen. That’s when the whole theme park transforms into a Christmas market and there’s even a fireworks show in the evening as the grand finale! Find out more about Copenhagen in the Copenhagen City Guide.