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The Switzerland diaries – part 2 – Zweifel paprika chips.

23 december 2012

I  â™¥ Zweifel

I’m not a big fan of snacks like chips. But then there’s chips… and there’s Zweifel! This is by far the most delicious chips in the world. Much sweeter than the paprika chips we’re used to in Holland or Amerika. Whenever I think of Switzerland, I think of Zweifel chips. As soon as we cross the Swiss border at Basel, I run into the first gass station I can find to get my hands on a huge bag of paprika Zweifel. Yes, I’m talking weird rituals here ;-). But what can I say? I just love this original Swiss made product! And I’m not the only one :-), you can order a bag of Zweifel online at the Or whenever you’re in Switzerland just give it a try!

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