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Best TV series for a lazy new years day… >> I LOVE… TV series

1 januari 2013

New years day is the day to do absolutely nothing!

Stay in bed with your love all day and watch series. That’s how I like to spend my New Years day. Eating lots of comfort food and catching up via what’s app with my girlfriends. Perfect! I think TV series are the new movies and I can tell you that I’m a true TV serie addict…. So let’s see if I can hook you op on some of the shows I watched lately.

A new TV series I’m trying out at the moment is Elementary. Not quite sure about it yet!

Top-10 TV series (random): to watch with the boyfriend:

1) Homeland
2) Breaking Bad
3) The Wire
4) True Blood
5) Dexter
6) The Killing
7) Luther
8) Mad Man
9) Californication
10) LOST (except the last season…)

Top-10 TV series: to watch with the girls ( I know I’m way to old for this… lol)

1) Gossip Girl
2) Vampire Diaries
3) new BH 920210
4) Private Practice
5) Grey’s Anatomy
6) Girls
7) Revenge
8) Sex and the City
9) Ringer
10) Beauty and the Beast

Van alle Nederlandse series is Penoza wat mij betreft het best. Seizoen 1 en 2 zijn op DVD te bestellen. Een aanrader!

Have a lazy New Years Day! What’s your favourite TV show?


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