Food tip: 5 x the best wines to drink with Thai food

27 September 2017

These rosé wines go perfectly with spicy food!

Those who follow Your Little Black Book know I’m crazy about Asian food. Especially Thai (spicy) food is my favourite! When I make this for friends at home I always have difficulty figuring out what to drink with this food. Often, after only two bites of a spicy curry you can’t taste your wine if it’s not the right one. Shame!

For example, until recently I had no idea how well rosé goes with spicy food..

For example, until recently I had no idea how well rosé goes with spicy food. What is important with spicy foods is that the wine is not too sour or too dry. To learn more about the combination of rosé and thai food, I recently did a Rose D’Anjou wine&food workshop together with followers of Your Little Black Book. The rosé wines from the Anjou region in the Loire in France are known for their sweetness and therefore go perfectly with spicy food. So much fun to see how many comments have been made on this win action and to finally go to Soi66 Thai Food Café with sixteen ladies for a tasting in Amsterdam East.

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rose d'anjou

are you going to cook thau food for your friend soon?

During the tasting we have learned and mostly tasted wich Rosé D’Anjou wines combine best with specific Thai dishes. Rosé D’Anjou is light sweet and full of red fruit and especially that combination goes so well with exotic dishes. In this blog I’ll show you what we tasted. For most of the dishes that we tasted at Soi66, I have found a recipe that goes along with it, so you can make it at home! Nice if you have friends over or if you’re preparing your trip to Thailand. Handy: You can buy the matching wines in the supermarket!

Philip Deval, Rosé de Loire 2016

Welke wijn bij Thais eten

Feu, Rosé d’Anjou, 2016

Welke wijn bij Thais eten

Jean Sablemay, Rosé d’Anjou, 2016
Ackerman, Rosé d’Anjou, 2016

Welke wijn bij Thais eten

La Sablière, Cabernet d’Anjou AOP 2015

Welke wijn bij Thais eten

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Photo credit: the delicious food photos are from Mo Barends



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