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10 x indispensable travel beauty essentials for your hand luggage.

13 June 2016

I always pack These beauty products in my hand luggage!

Finally, the moment has arrived! Your suitcase is totally packed and now you’re ready to pack your hand luggage. But which travel beauty essentials should actually come along on your trip? Today I will share my personal tips and tricks with you, including my favorite products!

Finally, the moment has arrived! Your suitcase is totally packed and now you’re ready to pack your hand luggage. Besides passport, ticket and wallet I have a few more essentials that I always carry in my hand luggage. And then I mean beauty essentials. I mean, you never know in what unexpected situations you’ll be placed and above all, there’s nothing better than too leave the plane all fresh and cleaned up. That’s why I share my 10 x indispensable travel beauty essentials for your hand luggage. 

travel Beauty essentials >> the best toilet bags

Just throwing your go-to travel beauty essentials in your bag is not an option, since this will result in complete chaos. I always bring a large toilet bag, so it will be decently organized.


>> Super cool toilet bag by Fab. by Fabienne <<


>> Big and pink, this toilet bag is perfect ;-) <<

travel BEAUTY ESSENTIALS >> This is what you’ll need!

Toilet bag check? Then let’s pack! Because this one will be well stocked in my hand luggage. From refreshing wipes to make-up to revamp myself after a long flight, I bring it all. My golden tip to take your travel beauty essentials along: small packages! They make a lot possible ;-) But note: each product cannot contain more than 100ml. and the total of fluid in your hand luggage cannot be more than 1 liter. Plus, deodorant and hairspray are forbidden. Only a deodorant stick/roller is allowed. Check below for my indispensable essentials for your hand luggage. 

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These travel beauty essentials are always in my hand luggage when I’m traveling.


>> Cleansing wipes from M.A.C <<

Do you also get a dry, tight skin from airplanes? Bring these refreshing cleansing wipes and pump up your skin during the flight. It helps!


>> Lipbalm from L’occitane <<

I always take care of my lips, even when I’m traveling. Nothing is less annoying than irritated or dry lips!


>> Mini flacon of my favorite perfume <<

You’re not allowed to bring a large bottle of perfume in your hand luggage, but you can bring a mini flacon. This way, my beloved Chanel always accompanies me on my flights.


>> Travel tooth brush and toothpaste <<

Ugh, don’t you just hate that nasty taste in your mouth after a long flight? I always bring a travel tooth brush and toothpaste so I can brush my teeth afterwards.

>> Paracetamol <<

You can get a headache during flying due to the pressure on your head. Bringing paracetamol is therefore always a good idea. It also comes in handy when you drank a little bit too much the evening before your flight ;-) .

>> Smints <<

Oops, forget to pack that travel tooth brush? No worries, you can buy smints and other peppermints on almost every airport. Flirting with that cute steward is a lot easier when you have fresh breath, right?

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>> Mini make-up kit <<

Nobody gets prettier from a long flight. I always bring a mini make up kit, with the real essentials, like foundation, mascara and a good lipstick.

Travel size foundation // Mascara for full lashes // Longlasting lipstick

Which travel beauty essentials do you always pack? Tell me!

Anne de Buck