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5 X wifi tips for when you’re traveling abroad

20 June 2016

Make the most of your trip: these wifi tips will help you!

I travel a lot and I always try to stay as ‘online’ as possible during my trips. Why? Because I always want to share my experiences and favorite hotspots with you guys! Lately, I’ve been asked a lot how I do it, being ‘online’ around the world. Do you want to make the most of your trip, whether it’s for work or pleasure? Today I will share my personal wifi tips with you!

1. Wifi tips: Check out the possibilities

When you’re booking your next trip, check for the wifi possibilities. Does the hotel offer free wifi or do you have to pay for it? How many restaurants with wifi are there in the neighborhood? Be prepared ;) !

2. WIFI TIPS: watch out with free wifi

This tip is very important. I can imagine that you’re so happy when you find a free wifi network in the middle of nowhere, but do watch out if you use this! Make sure that your software and security is up to date and that you don’t use sensitive information like passwords while you’re on this network.

3. WIFI TIPS: Look for the signal

Go as close as possible to the router. There are even people who ask if a hotel room located near a router, when they’re booking their trip. That might be a little bit too much, but it is true that the closer you are to the router, the stronger the signal will be.

4. WIFI TIPS: bring a mifi router

Goodbye bad networks, hello connection! Bring a mifi router to your next trip, if you really want to be sure of a good network. This does cost some money, because you’ll have to buy a mobile wifi router (mifi router) and it requires a mobile wifi plan. But it’s so worth it, especially when you’re on workation!

5. WIFI TIPS: Wifi on the plane? use it right away!

The more people are on a wifi network, the worse the connection will be. So if you’re planning to work or watch Netflix on your laptop or tablet during a long flight, make your connection right away and download everything you need. Most people are still settling for the flight in the first half hour, so take this to your advantage!

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