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Food trend: these sushi hybrids are so delicious!

27 June 2016

from burrito to sandwich: I bet you don’t know these sushi hybrids!

Hmm, do you love sushi as much as I do? You can wake me up in the middle of the night for some fresh fish wrapped in seaweed leaves! For all the true sushi addicts that could eat sushi everyday. I have some great news. Forget the standard sushi rolls and think out of the box. You are going to love these sushi hybrids!

Sushi burrito >> sushi hybrids

The sushi burrito looks like the handroll, but is just a bit bigger. A good meal if you love sushi to go and so easy to make by yourself!

Sushi burgers >> sushi hybrids

Replace the buns with rice and use fresh fish instead of meat. The sushi burger is real and looks so good!

Sushi cake >> sushi hybrids

Are you no sweet tooth? Well, the sushi cake is the perfect dessert for you! Or what about this cake for your next birthday party?

Sushi sandwiches >> sushi hybrids

Last, but not least; the sushi sandwich. If you looking for an easy, original and tasty alternative for your normal sandwiches for lunch.

Which one are you going to make? Share it with us on social media! And are you looking for great hotspots to eat sushi in Amsterdam? Click here!


Enjoy your sushi!

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