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14 x shopping in Athens: from vintage to concept stores

19 August 2017

These are the best places to shop in Athens!

If you’ve been to Greece before you probably know that it’s a very good destination to do some shopping. Whether you like vintage stores and antique, big fashion franchises or prefer smaller local Greek shops, food stores or concept stores. Greece truly is a shopping walhalla, as we discovered recently. You’ll especially be amazed by the variety of shopping opportunities, there’s a hidden gem on almost every corner of the street where you probably can’t help yourself but to look inside for a second. In case you don’t have the time or don’t feel like strolling around seeing if you find something by chance, we’ve listed our favourite spots for shopping in Athens. Have fun!

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14 x shopping in athens, these are the stores you’ll want to visit

Varying from the best shopping streets in Athens where you can easily go on an exploring trip yourself to vinage stores and concept stores.

5 x best shopping streets in Athens

Protogenous Street: If you’re looking for vintage clothes and accessories you have to go to Protogenous Street. A ‘new’ and above all trendy neighbourhood where you can find the best vintage stores among others. Like high waisted bathing suits, Levi’s shorts and vintage designer items, but they also have antiques and furnitures here. Inbetween the shopping you can revive at one of the small bars with a cup of coffee or a healthy lunch.
Protogenous, Athens, Greece 

shoppen in athene

Protogenous Street

Ermou: The shopping street in Athens that’s also most centrally located is Ermou. You can find well known stores here like Zara, H&M, Adidas and Forever 21, but also lots of Greek franchises where you’d perhaps score better items that’ll make everyone back home jealous.
Ermou, Athens, Greece

Flea market Monastiráki: Somewhat touristic, but nonetheless fun to walk around. Stroll around the street and try to spot the gems among the crowd. Perhaps go for some handmade real leather shoes and bags for a fair price, or fun gadgets and souvenirs to bring back home.
Ifestou, Athens, Greece

Antique streets and Avyssinias Square: When you walk through Flea Market Monastiráki it’s a must to take a peek at the small side alleys and check out the little antique shops and hidden coffee spots like TAF. Every Sunday the Avyssinias Square serves as the host of a large vintage/antique market where you can literally find everything you could possibly think of. From velvet chairs to ancient Greek paintings and silver jewelry. A must visit!
Avyssinias Square, Athens, Greece 

shoppen in athene

Hidden streets next to Flea Market Monastiráki

Patriarchou Loakim: The more expensive shopping street in Athens is Patriarchou Loakim, but you’ll find other things here as well besides designer stores. Because in this long streets are also Greek stores, bars and restaurants where you can have a seat for something to eat. By the way, chances are you’ll run into some well known Greek celebrities, if you’d recognize them of course ;-).
Patriarchou Loakim, Athens, Greece

9 x stores to go shopping in Athens

Retrosexual vintage shop: Believe us when we say you’ll want to go shopping here in Athens. If you like retro furniture, accessories and sunglasses you won’t know where to look here in this vintage store. You might not ever want to leave here. Wherever you look, you wish everything is yours. Within 5 minutes I managed to score some sunglasses and I regret not getting 3 extra pair.
Agias Eirinis 3, Athens, Greece – Facebook page

shoppen in athene

Retrosexual vintage shop

Forget Me Not: If you’re looking for nice gifts, musthaves with cool designs and special clothing brands, Forget Me Not is the place to be. PS. The post cards are super cute!
1Adrianou St. 100, Athens, Greece – Forget Me Not

Paliosinitheies: This vintage store in the vintage shopping street Protogenous Street will instantly make you very greedy. The prettiest furniture, accessories and other musthaves have been exhibited outside and can be spotted from afar. It’ll spontaneously make you speed up a pace. Pink chairs, retro phones, baroque-like mirrors and marble tables. We wanted to take it all back home with us!
Protogenous 8, Athens, Greece –

shoppen in athene


Guadeloupe: Guadeloupe is a vintage and secondhand store where you can buy items varying from the 60’ies to the 90’ies. The tropical wallpaper, the many plants and wooden DIY lamps make for a beach-like vibe which makes the shopping itself way more fun. The customers here are mostly locals.
Protogenous 12, Athens, Greece –

7th Thought: 7th Thought is a super cute concept store and coffee/brunch place all in one. On the ground floor you can drink a coffee in the early morning, and take your dog with you (yes, it’s pet friendly) and on the first floor you can snoop around for the prettiest Greek items.
Agias Paraskevis Street 29, Athens, Greece – Facebook pagina

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Kilo-Shop: Shopping by the kilo is also one of the best things when it comes to shopping in Athens. Kilo-Shop is one of the most well-known vintage stores in Athens and especially a favourite among young locals. Varying from some old pair of Adidas to denim jeans, retro sunglasses and flower-patterned dresses. You won’t easily walk out of here empty-handed.
Ermou 120, Athens, Greece – Facebook Page

Paraphernalia: Paraphernalia is a design and lifestyle store in Athens where you can not only find clothing and accessories by trendy, modern brands, but also jewelry, furniture and even lamps to decorate your house with. The store kind of has a Scandinavian vibe to it and coincidentally that’s just the thing that makes our hearts faster.
I. Paparrigopoulou 15, Athens, Greece –

ERGON: One of our favourite restaurant in Athens is ERGON. A gastrobar across the Electra Metropolis Hotel where you can have the tastiest feta cheese spread and octopus. But you can also buy lots of Greek delicacies that are all grown in Greece. Great as a souvenir! Imagine olive oil, feta cheese, spices, nuts and well, actually, everything Greece has to offer.
Mitropoleos 26, Athens, Greece –


Graffito: Another spot that’s great for shopping in Athens. Graffito is the very first concept store in Athens and also goes by the nicknames Colette from Paris (who – by the way – is unfortunately closing its doors!) and Dover Street market from London. The store is over 450m2 and features the most extraordinary designer and brands, and you can order a coffee here, and a croissant or a healthy lunch. Definitely worth a visit if you love scarfs from Bali and Thailand, but are also into scented candles from Greece and beautiful items by French designers.
Solonos 34, Athens, Greece –

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Electra Metropolis: a very great location, lovely pool and breakfast while enjoying the view of the Akropolis
COCO-MAT Hotel: go to the lobby via the store and then check into your own studio with a commonly shared rooftop
Semiramis: with an awesomely coloured pool
New Hotel: on a mere 200m of the Syntagma Square
A For Athens: without a doubt one of the best locations and best rooftop bars
Twentyone: design hotel in the district Kifissia
Periscope: modern boutique hotel in the Kolonaki area
Athens Was: the buzzing rooftop bar alone will make you want to stay here
Fresh Hotel: modern hotel with a beautiful rooftop pool

Have fun if you’re going to Athens!

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