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17 September 2015

101 guide for the different Lounges at Schiphol

It always used to be a bit of a mystery to me… When do you depart from which Lounge at Schiphol when you’re going on holidays? And why is it that sometimes you can go to your favourite store or sushi place and sometimes you cant? Because I’ve been to Schiphol so many times for Your Little Black Book and because they are doing a renovation at Schiphol I got given a guided tour in the area behind the passport control. Regardless the many times I’ve been to Schiphol, I actually discovered some new spots!

In this blog I made a guide about the different departure halls at Schiphol and about the nicest shops and restaurants to go to.

Have fun when you’re still going on holidays this fall!


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lounge 1 >> Schiphol guide >>

When do you get here?
Whenever you fly to a Schengen country. Think of countries like: Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and more countries.

Shopping tips:
In this departure hall you will find popular See Buy Fly stores, like the Perfumes & Cosmetics, News & Books (handy to score a magazine for in the plane), Sunglasses and more. Here you will also find stores like Hugo Boss, Gassan Watches & Jewellery and Rituals.

Food tips:
For sushi and a glass of wine you have to go to Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar, have a good start of your day with a healthy juice from Juicy Details, and go for coffee to Starbucks and order a piece of chocolate at Café Chocolat.

TIP: in Lounge 1 you will find the Airport Park with a rooftop terrace where you can go to for some fresh air. before take off. It’s the only spot at Schiphol where you can go outside when you passed Immigration. A very green park full with artificial grass and plants. A recommendation for when the weather is nice! (When it rains the Parc terrace is closed).


lounge 2 >> Schiphol guide >>

When do you get here?
Here you have to be when you are flying intercontinental with KLM or Sky Team Partners. Nice to know: from departure hall 2 you can also get into departure hall 3. In Lounge 2 there’e a huge construction going on but the first new stores are already open!

Shopping tips:
Did you know you can get Dollars out of the ABN AMRO bank at Schiphol? I always get some out when I go to America to have some cash with me. In Lounge 2 you also find the electronics store, Perfumes & Cosmetics, News & Books and a new store from Gassan Watches & Jewellery. On the first floor there’s the Express Spa. Nice for a massage when you have a delay!

Food tips:
In departure hall 2 you can get your favourite coffee at Starbucks, but I like restaurant the Dutch Bar at the Holland Boulevard the best. Fresh juices, sandwiches, Dutch ‘poffertjes’ and more. On the first floor there’s a foodcourt


lounge 3 >> Schiphol Guide >>

When do you get here?
Here you get to when you are flying intercontinental, with other companies then KLM or Sky Team Partners.  You can go from this departure hall to departure hall 2 without showing your passport.

Shopping tips:
At the Fashion & Travel shop they have a lot of surprisingly nice fashion brands. From Marc by Marc Jacobs bags to Furla bags and clothing for ladies and gents. Absolutely no boring brands! Whoever has a rich credit card has to go to Burberry and Hermès for a shopping spree.

For people with a normal budget, like you and me, Victoria’s Secret and Perfumes & Cosmetics are nice stores to treat yourself. Or go to MAC Cosmetics for a quick visit and get your make-up done. Really handy for when you have an early flight and you don’t have the time to do this at home.

Tip for men: Exquisite Luxury Liquors & Tobacco. Here they sell a very diverse range of different kinds of whisky. I go there a lot to surprise my lover with a present.

Food tips: 
For fresh and healthy juices you have to go to Juicy Details, the best coffee you get at EAST Bar & Bites or Starbucks, at Bread! you get the best sandwiches. Good to know: Bread! is open 24 hours a day so if you have a really really early flight or are delayed… you can always go there for something to eat!



When do you get there?
You will only depart from Lounge 4 when you fly to a Schengen country with a low cost carrier. This Lounge is smaller than the other Lounges at Schiphol.

Shopping tips:
In the store at Lounge 4 you find different brands, like: Rituals, Tommy Hilfiger, Swatch and O.P.I.

Food tips: 
When I fly from Lounge I like to grab a bite and drink at Urban Food Market!


PS: I always used to call the part after the passport control and security, ‘at the back of customs’. I never knew this is officially only the part of the airport when you arrive in a country. So I really learned something :-).

In collaboration with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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