17 X the coolest restaurants in Toronto you’ll want to know

31 July 2017

Toronto is THe foodie capital of canada

For me, when it comes to loving a city the way to my heart is through my stomach. Foodies came to the right place in Toronto when it comes to good restaurants en cute cafés. In almost all the restaurants that I’ve been to in Toronto they’ve worked with local ingredients. On the menu there are local craft beers and even wines from the surroundings of Toronto. Especially in the neighbourhoods Little Portugal, Parkdale, West Queen West and the area of the Trinity Bellwoods park you can find lots of nice restaurants and gastro bars. One of the best things about Toronto is that there are so many different cultures there and you can definitely see that in the diversity of the restaurants. In this blog I’ve lined up my favourites. From an evening of extensive dining to tapas and tacos. Something for every budget and every mood!

17 restaurants in Toronto you’ll want to eat during your city trip

La Banane: When I was in Toronto I discovered that La Banane had only been open for a couple of months. You can find this hotspot at the crossing of Dundas at the end of Ossington Avenue. A very trendy street, where you can solely find nice places. The menu at La Banane is French and it’s the right place to go for au fruits de mer, steak tartare and more French dishes with a Canadian twist. You can recognize it by banana-yellow door!
227 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Canada –

La Banane Toronto

La Banane

Alo: this restaurant has been chosen as one of the best restaurants of Canada. You’re not coming here for a quick bite, but to extensively try the 6 course tasting menu by Chef Patrick Kriss. The enu is French oriented and a reservation is a must! Last minute guests can try to book a restaurant via the website. That won’t work? Try a walk-in for a spot at the bar where they serve delicious bar bites.
163 Spadina Ave, Toronto, Canada –

Bar Raval: If you ask me, Spanish gastro bars never gets too old to have a bite and a drink. Especially when it comes to a restaurant like Bar Raval in Toronto. They’re open from brunch till late in the evening and at the end of afternoon the bar is full with pinchos and you can order the tastiest Spanish tapas to share.
505 College St, Toronto, Canada –

Bar Raval Toronto

Bar Raval

Glory Hole Donuts: I have to be honest here: the name of this donut place is hilarious. And the donuts? They’re really so tasty. It’s not a restaurant where you spend several hours, but if you’re in Toronto you’ll definitely want to try a donut. My personal recommendation is the donut with hibiscus!
1596 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada –

Glory Hole Donuts Toronto

Glory Hole Donuts

Grand Electric: Because you just don’t feel like having a three course dinner every evening, there are a couple of spots in this restaurant guide that are places not so high end where you can have a seat at the bar for a couple of tacos. The best tacos that I had in Toronto were at Grand Electric in Parkdale. Tip: order a local beer from Toronto with it!
1330 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada –

Grand Electric Toronto

Grand Electric

Rose and Sons: Throughout the entire city of Toronto you’ll find several Jewish Delis. Just like in other cities the ‘Tel Aviv’ style restaurants and delis are making a revival. One of the best in Toronto is Rose and Sons. Meanwhile this deli diner has two locations in Toronto. During the weekend they serve a brunch menu here between 9AM and 4PM. The concept is simple, you choose a main dish with two sides of your choice. Comfort food like fried chicken, eggplant with Parmesan cheese and more!
892 Queen St W & 176 Dupont St, Toronto, Canada –

El Rey Mezcal Bar: In the Kensington Market district you’ll find restaurants from all over the world. One of the newest hotspots for drinks and bites is El Ray on Kensington Avenue. Delicious tostadas and quesadillas with a craft beer or cocktail, preferably with mezcal!
2a Kensington Ave, Toronto, Canada –

Bar Raval Toronto

Bar Raval

The Federal:  In the weekend having brunch is the thing everyone does in Toronto. And a super popular spot to have brunch is The Federal. Don’t be surprised if there’s a line in front of the entrance. Rather avoid this line? Make sure to come early, they’re open every day from 9AM and you can have brunch there every day untl 3PM. After that they open again at 6PM for dinner!
1438 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada –

La Palma: This new Italian hotspot is open every day from breakfast till dinner. On the menu you’ll find New York style Italian dishes and surprisingly lots of dishes with veggies. The interior is modern and warm and the white building with neon letters is a real eyecatacher when you’re walking on Dundas Street.
849 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada –

La Palma Toronto

La Palma

Hanmoto: Izakaya restaurants are currently hot in Toronto. And on the foodie street Dundas Street West you can find the little restaurant Hanmoto. Here you come for the Japanese comfort food like dyno wings (deep fried chicken wings filled with bacon, pork and ginger) with a spicy mayonnaise. Perfect to have with a delicious cocktail, because they serve food here until 2AM!
2 Lakeview Ave, Toronto, Canada –

Antler:  As the name might suggest, wild life is the main thing here. On the menu you’ll find various game meat that you’d perhaps never taste in your own country. Like deers, bisons or wild pigs! All ingredients are local, but the preparation often has an international touch. Such as Canadian deer prepared in a Jamaican way. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This hotspot (also on Dundas Street) also serves a great brunch during the weekend!
1454 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada –

Antler toronto


The Fring’s: Whoever’s a fan of Drake (this time I mean the artist) has probably heard this already… he’s invested in this restaurant in Toronto, where he’s from. But… it seems as though he’s not very involved in the daily business. We had dinner here on our last evening in Toronto! The menu is made for shared dining with medium sized dishes. Wat you’ll definitely want to order? The octopus and the poutine with lobsters are recommended!
455 King St W, Toronto, Canada –

The Drake: I mentioned in previously in my list of the best hotels in Toronto, but The Drake also has a great restaurant. On the patio it’s great to sit when the weather’s nice for perhaps a lunch or bunch. Besides this restaurant at the Drake Hotel they have another restaurant that’s called Drake One Fifty and it’s situated in Downtown. What to expect? American style bistro dishes, lik steak (tartare) and pastas.
1150 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada –
150 York St, Toronto, Canada –

the drake restaurant toronto

The Drake

Uncle Smoke Cookhouse: For the best meat right off the barbecue you go to Uncle Smoke Cookhouse in Toronto. Comfort food, sides and ribs that’s really mouth-watering. Make sure to come here on an empty stomach because the portions are big!
2285 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada –

Momofuku Noodle Bar:  In Momofuku, Toronto, there are four different restaurants. For a quick bite the noodle bar on the ground floor is perfect. If you’d rather have a more extensive dinner the Daisho is recommended. Make sure to order the tartare of Trout and a skirt steak. So tasty!
190 University Ave, Toronto, Canada –

Mylk Bar Toronto

Momofuku Mylk Bar

The Black Hoof:  This restaurant has become a concept in Toronto and is situated next to the Rhum Bar by the same owner. You can’t make reservations here and that’s why this bar is a great option for a spontaneous dinner. This spot is still really popular so chances are you’ll have to wait a bit for a table, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Everything here is homemade and they’re cooking by the ‘nose to tail’ principal, where every part of the animal is being used.
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada –

Seven Lives: Do you love ceviche just like I do? If yes, you’ll want to visit Seven Lives in the Kensington Market neighbourhood. A particoloured place where they serve the best ceviche (to go). The mixed ceviche with octopus among other things is my recommendation!
69 Kensington Ave, Toronto, Canada – check de Facebook pagina

Sven Lives ceviche toronto

Seven Lives

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>> THIS IS HOW YOU’LL GET THERE: Jet Airways offers daily flights from Amsterdam to Toronto from € 402,-. You’re there in a little over 8 hours! During my last trip I flew in their Première Class and the food was honestly so good. Absolutely recommended if you love Indian food like me!

>> THIS IS WHERE YOU’LL STAY: Toronto has several nice neighbourhoods where you can stay, but if you’re more into the trendy areas the district around Queen Street West and Ossington Ave is recommended.
Drake Hotel: without a doubt the most trendy hotel in Toronto. With a mere 19 rooms and an amazing rooftop bar where you can have a drink after a day in the city.

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Thompson Hotel: are you in Toronto in the middle of the summer? Then the Thompson Hotel is the perfect stay, because they have a rooftop pool!

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Shangri-La: if the budget isn’t an issue then staying in the Shangri-La can’t go wrong. Even if it’s only because they have a Momofuku restaurant here!

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Happy travels!

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