7 X concept stores in Toronto where you want to shop

31 July 2017

up for shopping in Toronto? these are the best stores in town!

Whenever I’m on a trip in a new city like Toronto I always go looking for the nicest concept stores. I just love to look around in these trendy stores where they sell almost everything. Will I discover new brands that aren’t being sold yet in Amsterdam? Will I find the perfect souvenir to bring back home? Or just stroll around and get inspired. In Toronto you can find lots of cute stores and there are a couple of streets where you’ll find lots of them together. Make sure to not skip Queen West Street (at the height of the Drake Hotel), Dundas Street and Ossington Street. You’ll find lots of boutiques here that often also sell items by local designers. In this blog I’ve lined up my favourite concept stores in Toronto for you!

7 X concept stores in Toronto you’ll want to know

Drake General Store: This stores actually belongs to the Drake Hotel by the same name, that as I’m writing this blog is the trendiest hotel of the city. The Drake General Store offers a decent curatedcollection of living accessories, gadgets you didn’t even know you wanted and great items for on your trip. Make sure to pay a visit when you’re on Queen West Street! Tip: this store has several establishments in the city.
1151 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada –

TDM: In the giant hall that says TDM in capital letters you can find several small designers under one roof. It stands for Torondo Designer Market and it’s kind of an indoor market with fixed stands where they sell all sorts of things by local designers. From vintage to locally made beauty products and art. Very fun to look around when you’re in the Parkdale neighbourhood!
1605 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada –

TDM Toronto


Saudade: When you’re strolling around on Dundas Street West you’ll notice that it’s also known as Little Portugal. And that’s why they only sell items originating from Portugal in the concept store Saudade. I must say all the cute items they sell here made me so greedy. From mugs, plates and more tableware to soaps, postcards and leather bags.
1191 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada –
Crywolf: This is without a doubt one of the best stores on the hip Ossington Avenue. Very hipster and with a beautiful collections of items, from clothing to accessories like hats, bags and pins. Extra nice: lots of the products are made in Toronto by local designers.
91 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Canada –
Easy Tiger Goods: On Dundas Street West nearby the trendy The Federal and Antler (both very nice for brunch!) the concept store Easy Tiger Goods is situated. You came the right address here when it comes to hip souvenirs. From clothing to accessories and other fun must haves. If you’re in a little bit of luck the thing you’ll buy is also by an upcoming designer from Toronto. You’ll recognize the store by its black facade with street art-ish tiger drawings. The store may seem small from the outside, but it’s honestly bigger than you might think and definitely worth a visit!
1447 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada –
Easy Tiger Goods Toronto

Easy Tiger Goods

Victoire: Also situated on Ossington Avenue and just as nice as Crywolf is the store Victoire. Ladies who love fashion definitely have to walk in here. Canadian design that’s spot on when it comes to the latest trends. I personally loved their collection with jewelry by young designers as well. If I really want to treat myself I often by jewelry by foreign designers. Items that you can’t easily find back home and not everyone has!
129A Ossington Ave, Toronto, Canada –
Crowne Flora Studio: The bright pink bricked building alone made me want to walk in here. The odds of actually buying something here to take home with you is pretty slim. As the name might already suggest the Crowne Flora Studio is the right place for the most beautiful flowers, plants and other ‘green’ accessories.
1233 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada –
Ossington Avenue Toronto

Toronto Travel Tips

>> THIS IS HOW YOU GET THERE: Jet Airways offers daily flights from Amsterdam to Toronto from € 402,-. You’re there in a little over 8 hours! During my last trip I flew in their Première Class and the food was honestly so good. Absolutely recommended if you love Indian food like me!

>> THIS IS WHERE YOU’LL STAY: Toronto has several nice districts where you can stay, but if you’re more into the trendy areas the neighbourhood around Queen Street West and Ossington Ave are recommended.
Drake Hotel: without a doubt the most trendy hotel in Toronto. With a mere 19 rooms and an amazing rooftop bar where you can have a drink after a day in the city.

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Thompson Hotel: are you in Toronto in the middle of the summer? Then the Thompson Hotel is the perfect stay, because they have a rooftop pool!

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Shangri-La: if the budget isn’t an issue then staying in the Shangri-La can’t go wrong. Even if it’s only because they have a Momofuku restaurant here!

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Happy travels!

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