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TIP: this is the perfect length for your vacation

12 November 2017

Want to travel? this is the perfect length for your vacation

Of course we all want to have vacation as often and long as possible. No wonder, that’s because we’re never sure of good weather in summer in our cold country. And so we’re thinking about going away for two, three or even four weeks. And besides that, it’s also very trending at the moment to go backpacking for 6 weeks. and then there are a lot of people that don’t even spend their vacation days, like how?! Anyway, how should it be? What is the perfect length for your vacation?

length for your vacation that makes you the happiest

Research from The Journal of Hapiness Studies has shown that eight days is the perfect length for your vacation. The first days of your vacation are making your more and more happy. At day eight, that happiness is the biggest. That’s not because of the length, it has to do with many more things. An eight-day trip will give you plenty of time to relax on your destination and get used to your spot for the week. It gives you less stress than a rushed mid-week of 4 or 5 days trip.

After eight days, your happiness will not increase. You have been able to enjoy your lazy days for a long time and your sleep has become better. At other destinations, there’s nothing else to discover after 8 days. It’s going to get bored and the irritations can come back.

Our tip is therefore to book a vacation three times a year rather than once. Besides that, the low season is much cheaper too ;-)!

Do you already know where you’re going next? Enjoy!

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