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Kloffie Markt Amsterdam: vintage shopping West

12 January 2017

kloffie markt amsterdam is your new shopping party

Say hello new shopping valhalla and goodbye money! There’s a new market coming to town and it promises to be the new place to find your secondhand and vintage treasures. Let me introduce you to Kloffie Markt Amsterdam.

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Kloffie Markt Amsterdam is comparable to the IJhallen up in North, but just a little bit closer to home. You find this market at no better place than De Hallen in Amsterdam-West. Super cool and indoor, which is always a plus ;-) It’s going to be a little bit more expensive than the IJhallen though. Secondhand, vintage and other clothing items are sold between 10 and 200 euros, so bring that cash for your treasure hunting ;-)

Kloffie Markt is not only the place to shop, but the new place to sell as well. You can rent your own spot for 45 euros, including a clothing rack, 50 clothes hangers and even shopping bags for your one day customers. Nice! The first edition of Kloffie Markt Amsterdam will take place on November 26 and will return every month. Enjoy!

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