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Bar Cañete, el Raval Barcelona: Classic Spanish Tapas At The Bar

17 November 2015
Photo credit: Bar Cañete Barcelona Tapas

Here at Bar Cañete you’ll eat the best classic Spanish tapas at the bar

Great spot! What we were told is true. These tapas really are of the best of the best.  Sure, it’s not cheap but absolutely worth it. A large lunch will set you back some euros but then again we were fully enjoying our whole afternoon here. Just being in Barcelona, relaxing, drinking wine, eating some tapas, what else could I ask for…

Bar Cañete el Raval Barcelona
In the middle of the neighborhood el Raval, which can feel a bit edgy sometimes, Bar Cañete is located. I like the contrast between the edgy Raval and this sort of chic tapas bar. Here you’ll eat the real Spanish and tasteful tapas.
Bar Cañete interior
Bar Cañete restaurant best tapas in Barcelona
Try to come here at around 4 ‘o clock. That’s when there still were enough seats at the bar with a view on the open kitchen.
This is how we want it. Bar Cañete means quality in a cozy-chic place. Looks like it will get crowded here, numerous plates have been stalled around the restaurant.
Bar Cañete tapas jamon and gazpacho
We’re having, like literally every day here, the gazpacho (salmorejo is the more creamy version, lovely too). But also the boquerones, chipirones (one of their classics) and a plate of jamon which melts in your mouth. Accompanied with a bottle of brilliant Rioja.
There are a lot of locals here, so you can be sure this is a great spot.
¡Que aproveche! :-)

Bar Cañete el Raval Barcelona spanish tapas
Bar Cañete tapas barcelona

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Bar Cañete

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