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8 tips & tricks to make great video content with your smartphone

15 October 2014

Getting around with smartphone video! 8 tips for smartphone video

Today I start a new video course with The Why Girl and I just ordered a new iPhone6+ (yay!). Sounds like a great day right? I’m going to learn all about video the coming weeks and since I’m almost one with my smartphone I wanted to share some smartphone video tips.

Since I’m always travelling so much and you can imagine that I don’t always have a professional camera at hand. Last few weeks I tried and tested some things I would like to share with you!

Here are 8 golden rules for smartphone video:

1. Hold your smartphone in landscape mode.

2. Never forget the rule of thirds!

3. Avoid windy places! The sounds of a club or restaurant can give it an extra feeling of being actually there.

4. Try to film in as much light as possible. When filming inside go stand near a lamp!

5. Try to hold your smartphone as stable as you can, hold the camera with two hands! And hold your elbows closer to your body for even more stable shots.

6. Make a combination of wide and close shots.

7. Play with motion! Move the camera slowly by only moving your upper body.

8. Make sure to fill in a title and short description with mention of your blog or company before uploading it to Youtube!

Do you want to become the next John de Mol? You might want to join me on my video adventure! The course of The Why Girl I’m going to follow will teach you all about:
o Finding your Signature Storytelling Style & working on your presentation skills
o 3 effective solutions for stage fright!
o 4 ways to make money with your free content (no advertisers needed!)
o the 5 Pilars of your perfect video format
o ALL technical know how and becoming a pro in producing

I’m really excited about it! Will keep you posted on Your Little Black Book. And if you want to sign up too be quick, only a few spots left for this year.

Tip: discover more city- and travel guides by @yourlbb!

Anne de Buck