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10 x parks inspired by the High Line in New York to visit one day

21 April 2017

High Line inspired parks: discover these urban paradises!

Have you visited New York recently, but forget to visit the High Line park? Shame on you! The High Line is a long park, located on an old elevated railway. Nature meets urban! And in my eyes, this park has so much more character than the other big parks in New York. Lately, a lot of cities are getting inspired by this amazing initiative; these 10 x parks are inspired by the High Line and we think they’re great!

Lines of Life in Singapore

The Lines of Life park in Singapore is just as the High Line located on an abandoned railway. The park will be 25 km long and at the moment, a great architect is planning the layout of this park. Uran elements will be combined with the amazing nature of this country.

606 Bloomingdale Trail in Chicago

The 606 Bloomingdale Trail park looks a lot like the High Line, because it is also located on an elevated railway. The park was officially opened in the summer of the 2015 and seemed to be a big success!

seoul skygarden, high line inspired

Skygarden in Seoul

The Skygarden project in Seoul is impressive. This park will be located on an elevated freeway that goes through the city. This freeway was closed for safety reasons in 2006 and they were planning to destroy it, but this project is so much cooler!

Woodhouse Urban Park in London

The Woodhouse Urban Park was opened in May this year and is a kid friendly park in the London neighborhood Brent. A little bit of nature in the middle of the large concrete buildings.

Hofplein in Rotterdam

Yes, even The Netherlands will have a High Line inspired park! Station Hofplein is realizing a rooftop park as we speak and I love to see what the results will be!

Park 101 in Los Angeles

The 101 Freeway goes through Los Angeles; leaving a big, concrete scar throughout the whole city. Therefore they are planning to transform this freeway into a park. The plans are big, but it will take a while to see the results.

West Toronto Railpath

West Toronto Railpath in Toronto

The Railpath park is located in the Canadian city Toronto and has been a success for years now. The city strives to expand the park even more, what a great initiative!

The Rail Park in Philadelphia

A park on a viaduct through the city, doesn’t that sound great? Philadelphia is planning to do this; the park will be almost 5 km long. Just like the High Line, it will provide a great view on the city!

Bridge Park in Washington

The 11th Street Bridge goes over the Anacostia River. The city is planning to transform this bridge into an amazing park, to bring more nature into the city. Sounds like a paradise in the making, right?

coulee verte

Coulée Verte in Paris

The Coulée Verte is truly a must visit when you’re in Paris. It’s located in the 12th arrondissement and I think it’s gorgeous!

Do you visit parks when you’re traveling? Let me know which urban parks are worth visiting this year!




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