Istanbul City Guide


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Intro Istanbul

One trip, two continents! It’s only possible in Istanbul, a city of contrasts and a melting pot of cultures. In this historic heart of Turkey there are countless attractions! But even if you are not interested in the many beautiful mosques and palaces, there is still plenty to do. Visit one of the big bazaars, where you can’t only find the Nazar (‘evil eye’) but also truly amazing and affordable items. The markets are a nice experience and the perfect place to score some spices and Turkish sweets. Or cross the bridge to Beyoglu to shop in the main shopping streets. Make sure you visit the hipster neighborhood Karakoy where you can find countless hotspots! You can’t miss the fishermen while walking over the Galata bridge, which is the connection between the two parts of European Istanbul. Underneath this bridge you can try some fresh fish for diner. Oh yeah, the food is really fantastic over here! The streetfood mainly consist roasted chestnuts, corn and ‘simit’ (Turkish pretsel). Step into one of the local restaurants if you want to enjoy real Turkish food. Order yourself ‘meze’ (Turkish tapas) and be don’t forget to be polite when they offer you the ultra sweet tea afterwards ;)