This is the result of 10 weeks at Bodytec Lounge | review part 2

Bodytec Lounge

Some people go to the gym with Arie. I train with Ricardo. And if my travel schedule allows me I go to the train at Bodytec Lounge two times a week. All for one goal… wearing a crop top at the summer festivals this year.

I hear some of you think… BodytecIf you missed my first blog about this work-out you can catch up here! Good news for 3 readers of Your Little Black Book! R. Hilhorst, H. Hageman and G. Hoopman are joining the #beachyourbody challenge. They won the 3 x 5 lessons! And I have good news for everyone living in Amsterdam West. There’s a second Bodytec Lounge opening the doors at the Kinkerstraat this week.

It’s so great to meet a lot of readers from Your Little Black Book at Bodytec Lounge and to catch up after the training when we drink a shake. 

10 weeks of training

Time goes by so fast! I trained for 10 weeks now Bodytec. I’m a bit surprised that I managed to add this work-out to my daily routine. The fast that you have to schedule your lessons probably helps! 

So twice a week I go to the gym for a work-out with Ricardo. I like to train before my workday starts. At 8 or 8.30 am in the morning! Such a great start of the day! I notice that I’m getting stronger and firmer. And at parties (and after lots of wine) I can’t stop raving about my biceps. Proud as a child! You can imagine… without touching them nobody gets rid of me ;-). Sounds a bit blabla, but it feels damn great to have a bit more strength and to feel fitter.  

But I have to say… the very best of all the work is the fast that I’m not an in-between-ie anymore, I fit size 38. Period. Instead of most times. YAY! I even fit into the most skinny pants I wore when I just met my love. It seems that the effect of eating cheese and drinking wine cocooning on the couch with a new men is gone. So you can imagine… I’m motivated as can be. So I don’t mind looking all red and sweating my ass off in the gym ;-).

Bodytec Lounge

The coming months I’m going to add another work-out to my scheme. It’s tennis season again! So let’s do update #3 after 15 weeks and I’ll tell you more about my croptop challenge.

Do you want to try out Bodytec? Subscribe to one of the free trial lesson to see if it’s something for you!

Happy #beachyourbody!


Bodytec Lounge Amsterdam

Address: Stadhouderskade 155 (and Kinkerstraat 72), Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: De Pijp & Amsterdam West

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