27 x best burgers in Amsterdam for all your hamburger cravings

burgers in amsterdam

This is where you’ll find the best burgers in amsterdam

Gotcha! You’re looking for burgers in Amsterdam and are done with the healthy food for today? Burger joints are still super popular and we spot them from veggie burgers, to bao burgers and of course the classic beef burgers. Do you also sometimes really crave a nice and juicy hamburger? Then check our list with the 27 x best hotspots to eat burgers in Amsterdam!

27 X mouthwatering BURGERS IN AMSTERDAM

De Biertuin: De Biertuin will always be a classic in Oost. It’s always jam-packed here, and we understand why. Order the Carnivore for two; you’ll get a regular burger, a chicken, and a pulled pork burger. Yum!

Cannibale Royale: Cannibale Royale already exists a while, but we remain loyal fans. We can eat at Cannibale Royale in The Pijp, the City Center, and the Wallen, how great is that! The burger is served on a robust, wooden plan and is always very juicy. Yummy! And if you’re there anyway: every other week they serve a burger du moment, which is always delicious!

Café de Walvis: This place has two things that make us very happy: delicious burgers and a perfect terrace. Your company doesn’t like burgers? No worries! There’s plenty of other dishes on the menu that you can choose from. Tip: every Wednesday they have a special hamburger menu!

burgers in amsterdam

Rotisserie: Rotisserie has two locations, in West and on the Beukenplein in Oost. That makes us happy, because they have such tasty burgers. For example, they also have a burger with fried chicken.

Brouwerij Troost: With two locations (in The Pijp and Westergasterrein) it’s never been easier to drink beer at Troost. Besides making nice beers, they also have six (!) different burgers on the menu, and a burger of the week as well.

The Butcher Amsterdam: If you ask us, one of the coolest burger joints in Amsterdam is The Butcher. You’ll find their juicy, flame grilled burgers around Amsterdam because luckily for us they have multiple locations, including one that’s open 24/7 in the A’dam Toren.

Burgerlijk Amsterdam: For the best burgers in Amsterdam in the Nine Streets you need to go to Burgerlijk! Extra nice: you can put together your own burger here. Choose your favorite patty, cheese, topping(s) and sauce.

The Walter Woodbury Bar: We like this hotspot so much! No vintage or hip colors, but a brown, wood interior with lots of light. You can go here for lovely, tender meat, grilled fish and for the burgers of course. Because of the burger with whisky sauce we’ll definitely go back another time. Extra tip: your burger will taste even better with a bit of sambal on it.

burgers in amsterdam

H. Burger: On the Clercqstraat in Amsterdam West you can also order a good burger at H. Burger. Here you’ll find affordable burgers, milkshakes and of course fries.

Soul Burger: At this burger spot you don’t just enjoy the burgers, but also the best tunes. That’s why it’s called Soul Burger, so nice! Don’t eat meat? Order the beetroot burger with sweet potato fries.

Ellis Gourmet Burger: Tasty burgers in Amsterdam on the canal: the Belgium restaurant Ellis Gourmet Burger! From veggie burgers to classic beef burgers and seafood burgers.

Burgerij: Yes, good burgers and fast service! You’ll find Burgerij in Amsterdam Central where you can quickly get a burger of good quality before you catch your train. But you can also have a relaxed meal here with friends or a date;). Our tip? The Dolce Vita with amazing basil-mayo. Mmm! Prefer to have a burger without meat? They also have fish burgers of falafel.

Geflipt: From 5 PM you can come here for a juicy burger. You can also take the burgers home with you if you’d rather do that. YES!

meatless district 4 600x450

Meatless District: A vegetarian restaurant in a list full of burgers in Amsterdam? That’s right! Meatless District serves delicious burgers without meat. The MD burger is their specialty and it’s so good, secretly you’ll only want to eat vegetarian burgers. We’re thrilled with this veggie hotspot!

Burgermeester: One of the first burger places in Amsterdam was Burgermeester. You have the option to choose between meat, fish, or veggie burgers, and they also have a monthly burger that’s always worth a try!

The Meets: The Meets is a nice, calm place where we like to go to for the different and healthy dishes that they have. The Mexican burger is our favorite. It’s made out of quinoa and beans, and not only is it super nice, but it’s also affordable. Extra tip: you can also choose to have sweet potato as a side. Yum!

Julius Bar & Grill: At this barbecue restaurant they serve delicious burgers from the grill. Skirt steak with onion, lettuce and cheddar with crispiest fries you’ll ever have!

Lombardo’s: The burgers at Lombardo’s don’t have a such a good reputation for no reason! From (Wagyu) beef burgers to lamb burgers; they’re all so good!

Smokin’ Barrels: Here your burger is grilled on real smoking barrels! Served with homemade Flemish fries, a salad and brioche or sourdough bread.


Thrill Grill: A nice burger hotspot in The Pijp! You might know the Thrill Grill as foodtruck that was always at different locations in Amsterdam? Well now it has a fixed spot in Old West and the Pijp.

The Beef Chief: Delicious burgers from the grill in Amsterdam with meat provided by local farmers and butchers. The Beef Chief serves burgers from a truck, so be sure to keep an eye out for it if it’s back in the city. You don’t want to miss it, especially because their burger were named the best burger of Amsterdam last year!

George Bistro: At this bistro they serve meat, fish and a veggie burger, made on a charcoal grill! Perfect if you’re in the mood for comfort food in a nice restaurant.

Frits: Beer and burgers at this cosy neighborhood cafe in the Baarsjes! Frits is like an English pub, but then with an Amsterdam influence.

Burger Bar: Perfect hotspot to have a quick burger in Amsterdam. It is a bit touristy, but the burgers are really nice and you can pick your own toppings so you can get exactly what you’re in the mood for.

&Samhoud Places Amsterdam - new streetfood concept

&Samhoud Place: For veggie burgers &Samhoud Place is where you need to go. The tomato burger tastes and looks like a burger, but is made 100% of tomato!

Burger Zaken: Choose your own burger, topping, and side dish. It’s not very popular yet in Amsterdam, but the burgers are to die for!

Bar Boca’s: Bar Boca’s is perfect to eat lots of small dishes (and to share!). But did you know they also have a yummy burger? With foei gras and truffle mayo.

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