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Tapas in Madrid: go to Cava de Baja for a tapas crawl

10 September 2015

Cava de Baja Madrid is the place to be for tapas

Madrid is known for its tapas bars. And on our last trip we decided to do a tapas crawl in the famous tapas street Cava de Baja Madrid. There are so many tapas bars on the Cava de Baja Madrid that it’s hard to decide where to go. The tapas bar crawl rules are as follows: only one cana (small beer) and tapas or pincho the person per bar. So we tried and tested a few for you on our tour in Madrid ;)!

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Cava de Baja >> Txakolina >> TAPAS IN MADRID

Modern looking tapas bar with the pincho’s out on the bar in the vitrine. We ordered a pincho with spicy meat and one with goat cheese and honey. The goat cheese one was the best!

Cava de Baja >> Taberna Cempranillo >> TAPAS IN MADRID

Authentic looking restaurant where the pincho’s are made fresh for you. While waiting for them you get some tapas from the house, being chorizo. We ordered a pincho with foie gras and apple and one with octopus and aioli. Both delicious!


Cava de Baja >> La Camarilla >> TAPAS IN MADRID

Simple looking bar with friendly staff. We tried and tested a warm pincho with chicken and bread with tomato and jamon. The jamon one was absolutely the best!

Cava de Baja >> Toma Jamón >> tapas in madrid

Very cool looking tapas bar with pig legs , drafts looking like pig legs and delicious free tapas (gazpacho and chorizo frito). We ordered a plate of padrones, our favourite green peppers and a plate of fresh cut jamon Ibérico. Both being so good! This bar has several locations in Madrid.

Overall vote: Taberna Cempranillo and Toma Jamón make it to the Little Black Book!

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