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Paris City Guide: 11 hotspots not to miss during your next city trip

15 June 2020

we keep on coming back to these hotspots in paris

Paris Je t’aime! You are such a lovely city. Beautiful lights everywhere the whole year through, not just during Christmas. Though Christmas is so much fun in Paris! Together with my lover I have made a tradition of travelling via Paris when we get back from skiing and then stay there for a couple of nights. This year we won’t be skiing, but we’re staying faithful to our tradition! I prefer to travel to Paris with the Thalys. You get off in the heart of the centre at Gare du Nord and if you’re staying in the 3rd, 11th or 9th like we did, you’ll be at your hotel in no time. As soon as I enter the Thalys at Amsterdam Central Station I imagine myself in Paris. I often book first class tickets and then you’ll get food and drinks on board. What is more fun than to start your city trip with a glass of bubbly? If you’re planning on visiting Paris by Thalys I have another tip for you. Exactly 3 months ahead they start selling the tickets and the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket!

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From Paris with love

I’ve spent five days in Paris this year and I’m also celebrating New Years’ Eve there. I’m so looking forward to it! That’s why I have already made this blog to share some tips for everyone who, just like me, is going to the city of love for Christmas. I’m already looking forward to visiting our oyster place where we always go. Every three months or so we go there and each time when we arrive time seems to have stood still in this small deli just around the corner of The Ritz. And I’m so looking forward to having lunch at The Ritz. I booked it months ago and soon we’ll finally be there! In this blog I’ll name a couple of my other favourite hotspots in Paris, which I visit almost everytime I go there. Enjoy!

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11 hotspots in Parijs not to miss

Frenchie Wine Bar: The restaurant Frenchie is well-known because it’s incredibly good. There’s just one thing: there’s simply no way to get a reservation through. And that’s why Frenchie Wine Bar is a perfect alternative. And even maybe it’s even nicer than the restaurant. In here you’ll eat delicious dishes to share. They don’t take reservation so it’s first come, first serve and my advice is to be there before it opens to make sure you have a table. Because you’ll definitely want to eat here!

Le Mary Celeste: Ever since I discovered this place I come back every trip. It’s so nice! Having some delicious oysters at the bar or have a more extensive dinner at a table. It’s always busy in here and the crowd is trendy and French.

Gyoza Bar: OMG, a gyoza bar in the heart of Paris. The concept is simple, you’ll either eat gyoza, or gyoza. But very good gyoza to be exact! The best spots to sit are upstairs at the bar, and don’t let the crowd scare you, because you’ll also find seating places downstairs.

East Mama: A hot and happening Italian restaurants with several establishments throughout the city. The interior is very cosy and nice. A modern French bistro! On the menu you’ll find delicious Italian dishes and pizza, and everything is perfect to share.

Le Baron Rouge: This is one of my favourite wine bars in Paris. It’s always super busy! And during the weekend everyone is happily drinking their wine and slurping their oysters in the morning. LOVE it!

Loup: At first fight this seems like an ordinary bistro on a corner in Paris. But once you’re inside this shows to be a nice hotspot! The interior is very cool with nice green accents, stuffed animals and a pig on a spit roasting till it’s dinnertime! I always go here to eat a plate of escargots whenever I’m in Paris.

Loup Parijs


Clamato: To make a reservation at this hotspot is a disaster, so the best option is to just go early and start with a drink at the bar. After that you can order several delicious seafood dishes and have a long dinner. It won’t get any more French than this!

Jones: This gastrobar has an attractive interior and it feels a little more rough. You can have delicious food here and the crowd’s also nice. A success everytime we’re in Paris.

Haï Kaï: Feel like fine dining? In that case I definitely recommend this restaurant at Canal St. Martin. Let them serve fitting wines with it and take your time, because chances are you’ll want to taste all the shared dining dishes of the menu.

La Cevicheria: People go to this hotspot for ceviche. The restaurant is big, but the best spots are at the bar with a view of the Chef who’s working with raw fish and making the most delicious ceviches.

Buvette: You can also find this restaurant in New York and I love to come there as well. In Paris this is a nice spot for breakfast, lunch or a drink at the end of the day. It’s small and that makes it instantly very lively!

Buvette Parijs


Do you have any tips of your own for Paris? Let us know! We’re always looking for new tips for our next trip.

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>> THIS IS HOW YOU GET THERE: with the Thalys via NS International it’s less than 4 hours by train to the heart of Paris. They often have great deals and tickets starting at € 29,-! Search for cheap train tickets to Paris here >>
1E: Hotel Henriette
2E: Ritz, Edgar, The Hoxton
3E: 1K Paris, Hotel Emile, Pavillon de la Reine, Hotel Jules & Jim
4E: Bourg Tibourg
5E: Hotel Le Lapin Blanc
6E: Hotel la belle Juliet
8E: Ministere Hotel
9E: Hotel du Nell, Hotel Amour
10E: Hotel Paradis, Hotel Grand Amour
11E: Mama Shelter, Hôtel Fabric
12E: Citizen M
13E: COQ Hotel Paris

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