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Lucky moment #1: happiness is a dress!

15 September 2014

Your Little Black Book gives away happy moments!

To me happiness is in the small things. From waking up next to your loved one to a friend who calls me to ask how I experienced my first weeks as an entrepreneur. Of course, you can’t buy happiness. But to be able to experience the things on your bucket list or your secret wishes and needs a bit of money comes in handy.

In the weeks toward the Staatsloterij Gelukstrekking (translated as “Lottery of luck”) on October 1 I had the honour to give away moments of luck and happiness to people in my social network. People who I thought deserved a bit of luck and joy. It was so much fun to surprise them with a moment of happiness. This whole week I will reveal the lucky moments on Your Little Black Book.

Happiness is a dress!

Johanna and I know each other since high-school. Two years ago she moved to Bali to start a new life. Alone, without a job, a home and huge savings. She had some tough times there and although the sun shines for free in Bali it was all but luxurious and holiday like.

This November her sister is going to marry and Johanna is her witness. Because I know that the ticket is big on her budget I gave Johanna a festive dress and shoes to wear to her sisters wedding!

Happy Johanna:

“When Anne told me that she wanted to give me a moment of happiness I thought I had all the luck in the world. I’m away from home for such a long time now. The idea that a good friend thinks of me on the other side of the world makes me truly happy. When it comes to our friendship time and distance don’t exist!

Being a witness at my oldest sister’s wedding is a great honour. Anne giving me a beautiful dress for the day makes it extra special. I think it’s going to be a cold day in Holland compared to Bali but with so much love and support from my family and friends it will be the warmest day of the year!”

Win a lucky ticket!

Is October 1 going to be your lucky day? That day it’s the Staatsloterij Gelukstrekking with 100 prices of €100.000. Let me know why you deserve a lucky moment and maybe I give you a ticket for the lottery. This whole week I give away 3 lucky tickets a day!

Winning is easy! Leave a comment on this blog or on my Facebook post and tell me what your moment of happiness would be like!

You can enter the competition until 6 pm on September 28. Keep a close eye on your inbox that day!

The winners are: Carla, Mandy and Emmelie. Please check your Facebook and email me! Thank you!
Good luck :-).

PS: if I would win I would make a trip around the world… what else!


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