The Coocoo’s Nest Reykjavik: brunch hotspot by the water

The Coocoo's Nest Reykjavik

Hotspot at the harbour: The Coocoo’s Nest in Reykjavik

The Coocoo’s Nest in Reykjavik is according to locals the place to have brunch. When we were drinking a cup of coffee at Bergsson, we got into a nice conversation with a Dutch guy who moved to Reykjavik (cool!). And he had many good tips for hotspots in Reykjavik. Hotspots you don’t want to miss. The Coocoo’s Nest is one of them!

The Coocoo's Nest Reykjavik

The Coocoo’s Nest is located at the harbour of Reykjavik where you can also get the boat to spot whales. The brunch menu consists of different fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Sandwiches, Italian dishes, pancakes…and all really delicious and fresh. The fish is pretty much caught right in front of your nose ;-). Do keep in mind that it might be quite busy here and that you somethimes have to wait a bit for a table. But hey, with a view over the water it isn’t so bad at all.

The Coocoo's Nest Reykjavik

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Plan your city trip to Reykjavik:

>> This is how you get there!
WOW air flies to Reykjavik from € 99,-
– From Reykjavik you can book low cost tickets to Boston and Washington, D.C.
Check the prices here >>
>> This is where you stay!
– Spend the night in the largest hotel of Reykjavik: Foss Hotel!
– Or book a room at the cool design hostel KEX.

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