Lokaal Edel Amsterdam: for affordable shared dining at a high level

check out the new, special menu at lokaal edel amsterdam

Edel Amsterdam is a well know spot in Amsterdam, and has been there for 10 years. In case you have never been there for drinks and bites, you must have been there for drinks at EdelWise on a Friday afternoon, had a cold beer on their lovely terrace along the water in the sun or maybe even did some dancing. And yes, also for a good dinner, this is where you should be. After visiting Lokaal Edel Amsterdam once, you will come back over and over again.

Lokaal Edel has been renewed, and is now led by Food Director Jonathan Karpathos, owner of the restaurant Vork en Mes in Hoofddorp. Jonathan is a chef with a vision and mission when it comes to food. Over the years, his vision and mission have been noticed by TEDx, de Volkskrant and KRO. His cookbooks have received many different prices and the motto ‘Life it too short to eat bad‘ conquered many hearts. Jonathan Karpathos is a former colleague and friends with the owners of Edel. 1+1 equals 2 right?!

Lokaal Edel Amsterdam Lokaal Edel Amsterdam

Lokaal Edel Amsterdam stands for pure, fresh and good quality food

At Lokaal Edel Amsterdam, Jonathan Karpathos introduces a new food concept, where pure and real products get transformed into delicious and special dishes. Yes, Lokaal Edel is the perfect spot for shared dining, shared dining at a high level. Nice if you want to catch up with friends, or when you have something to celebrate with your family.

The dishes at Lokaal Edel Amsterdam are everything but traditional and boring, just like the ingredients. The dishes are mainly vegetarian, even vegan and made of known and lesser known ingredients. My favourite? The watermelon carpaccio for sure! This might sound weird, but wow… The carpaccio has a lot of (watermelon) taste and melts on your tongue. Ps: it’s also very difficult to keep your hands off the pita with tzatziki, baba ganoush and hummus.

Lokaal Edel Amsterdam Lokaal Edel Amsterdam Lokaal Edel Amsterdam Lokaal Edel Amsterdam Lokaal Edel AmsterdamNice: every quarter the menu changes and new seasonal dishes will be added.

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