19 x hotspots on the Rozengracht in the Jordaan to discover

hotspots rozengracht amsterdam

These are the nicest hotspots on the Rozengracht Amsterdam

There is nothing more fun than spending the day in the Jordaan. When you’re there don’t forget to visit the Rozengracht. Because there are plenty of must visit hotspots. To eat, to drink and to go shopping. In this blog you’ll find  the spots to go to on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam! 

10 x food & drinks on the Rozengracht Amsterdam

Salmuera: A top restaurant with an Argentinian kitchen with a modern twist. Lots of meat from the grill, a ceviche bar… and also for good wines and cocktails you have to be here. A favourite of Yourlbb!
Kessens: At this all day hotspot you get good breakfasts (with champagne for the ones who like) and nice bread rolls for lunch. Recommended: the steak sandwich!
Akitsu: Japanse food and a Japanse vibe inside the restaurant. That’s what you’ll find at Akitsu.
Bar Brandstof: Every weekend a popular bar for a bite and a drink!
Pesca: The place to visit if you want so fresh fish. Pick a fish type of your choice and see how your dish is prepared.
Restaurant Moeders: A cozy restaurant with typical Dutch dishes.
Klaever Health: For healthy juices, nutritional advice, personal training and more, you should go to Klaver Health. They know everything about a healthy lifestyle!
Urban Cacao
 Chocolate bars, bonbons, macarons… are you looking for something delicious to go along with the coffee,  you have to go here at the Rozengracht!
Amigo Grill: This is where you should go to if you want to enjoy some Argentinian grill dishes!
Cafe Struik: For drinks and (bar) bites!

Les Deux Frères Amsterdam: concept store for men

9 x shopping on the Rozengracht Amsterdam

Hutspot: Which list doesn’t contains this awesome concept store? Hutspot on the Rozengracht is just that little bit less known than the location on the Van Woustraat. Here you also find an awesome store with beautiful items.
Nordic New: You’ll find a lot of beautiful Scandinavian items here! No time to visit the store? They have a webshop too!
Le Deux Frères: A concept store for men with two locations in the city. The Rozengracht and Gasthuismolensteeg 6. Two brothers who sell the most beautiful clothes and accessories.
Fjällräven: Bags, hats, gloves, they have it all at the Fjällräven stoere! All made of sustainable products!

Raw Materials: Here you’ll find furniture and home accessoires, gathered from all over the world. Industrial items, sometimes vintages or second hand. Bit expensive, but really nice.
Kitsch Kitschen: This Dutch brand has the most colorful items for in your kitchen or home. You’ll instantly be happy after visiting this store!
Sneaker District: Shop the coolest sneakers here! From brands like Nike, New Balance, Puma, Adidas, Reebok and Vans.
Wulf Wonen: Contemporary and modern. Those are the types of furniture that you can expect at Wulf Wonen.
Carlos: Edgy and stylish men clothing you shop at Carlos. But the store also has a really cool interieur. Go check it out!


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