Fiko Amsterdam: for Italian pizzas with a golden touch in West

Fiko Amsterdam

Get luxurious pizzas at Fiko Amsterdam

A few weeks ago a new pizzeria opened at the Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat in Amsterdam West. And not just a pizzeria. Fiko Amsterdam is a restaurant where you can eat your pizza in an amazing luxurious setting. The interior of Fiko Amsterdam is blacker than black and has a lot of golden details. Ps: take a look up if you’re waiting for your pizza.

Good, back to the pizzas. ‘Cause if you want to admit to all the luxury you can also order a special, golden pizza. What? Yep! Get the Gold Ricchezza and get a pizza with mozzarella di bufala, truffle cream, porcini mushrooms, white truffle flavoured golden ‘nuggets’ 23k, gold leaves 23k and caramelised cherry tomatoes. It costs something, but it will definitely be worth it. If you don’t like a special pizza like this. No worries, they also have pizza margheritha, pizzas with spicy salami and other variants. All the products are fresh and some of them even come from the own land of Fiko Amsterdam.

Have a romantic 5-course dinner at Fiko Amsterdam

What makes Fiko Amsterdam even more fun is the fact that you can come for a pizza date with friends, but also have a nice, romantic 5-course dinner with your lover. It’s perfect for date night!

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Photocredits: Fiko

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