Braai Westerpark Amsterdam: for the best spare ribs at this BBQ hotspot

soon you’ll go to the westerpark for the best ribs and much more!

Good news for those who, just like me, regularly go to Braai for a bite. You know, that BBQ kiosk close to the Vondelpark with a nice terrace by the water in the summer? Their second location at Westerpark is open! I’ve cut down on meat, but when I do it, I do it well. I love the spare ribs at Braai. They’re so tasty en tender! When I don’t feel like cooking and crave some comfort food this is my standard place to order from.

This second location has a nice terrace that has room for around 50 guests. Braai Westerpark is open seven days a week from 4PM which makes it the perfect spot for a drink at the end of the day.

menu x Braai Westerpark

When it comes to the menu, it will be the same as Braai at the Vondelpark for the most part, but theire are a couple of new dishes. And the side dishes will be getting more attention. Lastly the concept will be anything but ordinary and on the menu you will find barbecue dishes from all over the world. Braai Westerpark will also be a self-service concept where you order at the bar and pick up your food at the kitchen when it’s ready. This is a concept often seen in the USA in BBQ restaurant and I like it! Also a plus: the food, despite using only the best meat, will be more affordable because they don’t have extra costs due to personnel.

Have a seat at one of the long tables and really experience that outdoorsy feeling that’s associated with barbequeing. But then the whole year through!

And… not too bad: now we’re not allowed to have a BBQ in the Vondelpark anymore they’re moving the antique cargo bikes with BBQ of Braai to the Westerpark as well. Lots of fun when you have something to celebrate and you want to have a careless barbeque with friends!

Braai Westerpark

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Amsterdam West Westerpark Map