24 x vegan restaurants in Amsterdam that are not boring at all

vegan restaurants in amsterdam

discover the tastiest vegan hotspots in Amsterdam of this moment

Gotcha, you’re on the search for vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. Do you want to eat healthier or are you thinking of going for a vegan lifestyle? Or better said, do you want to banish meat, fish, dairy (yes, so no more eggs with melted cheese on top on a lovely Sunday morning), out of your diet? Then you’re probably thinking you can’t eat in a lot of restaurants. Wrong thought, there are a lot of vegan hotspots in Amsterdam and we gathered them for you. What is your favourite vegan restaurant in Amsterdam? Are we missing one?

24 X vegan restaurants in Amsterdam to go soon

Mr. & Mrs. Watson: Mr. & Mrs. Watson proves that vegan food is not boring at all. They serve vegan comfort food with a culinary twist. A tip of the veil: think of dishes like frittata tatin, pulled no-pork, apple-sage sausages, orange soup and a vegan cheesecake.

Pizza Heart Bar: Pizza Heart Bar in East is a pizzeria for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and even pizza haters. Yes, really. Nice: Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam has a huge terrace. Perfect for when the sun shines!

The Dutch Weed Burger JointAfter five years of serving burgers from a foodtruck, they now have their own restaurant in a side street of the Kinkerstraat in West. Besides the famous seaweed burger, you can also try other fast food snacks.

Juice Brother x Van Leeuwen: At Juicebrothers you can not only get super nice and healthy juices, vegan bowls and snacks, you can also get vegan ice cream from Van Leeuwen. YES!

Vegan Junk Food Bar: Vegan Junk Food Bar at the Overtoom is like the name says a junk food bar where you can only get vegan snacks. Think of vegan ‘bitterballs’, vegan hamburgers, vegan mayonaise. Nice! There are two locations, at the Overtoom and in De Pijp.

vegan junk food bar amsterdam
Vegan Junk Food bar – Annemarie Dekker

Meatless DistrictThe first one in our list with vegan restaurants in Amsterdam is Meatless District. Take the summer rolls, followed by the famous MD burger with grilled eggplant, cucumber, tomato, red onion, lettuce and mayonnaise served with farmer fries while enjoying a vegan wine. Cheers!

Jackson DuboisJackson Dubois, a restaurant at the Spui, has an eye for the vegan lifestyle. You can find dishes from all around the world, with a vegan twist. Risotto, lasagna, cheesecake, tasty.

Love hummus? Make sure you visit these hummus spots as well.

Mana Mana: Mana Mana is a small restaurant run by Israeli where you can eat very good vegan meals. The menu is mostly vegetarian and vegan, with one meat dish. Falafel, hummus, polenta, tahini, so good. PS: It is very Instagramable.

The Meets: At any time of the day you eat the most delicious vegan dishes and sugar and gluten-free snacks at The Meets. Do not feel like cooking? There is also take away.

the meets

Beter en LeukSomeone in for a vegan high tea? At Beter en Leuk you can order the most delicious sweets, soups and sandwiches. You can find this vegan hotspot in Amsterdam East. Oh, and on Sundays there is a vegan brunch.

Roots: You need to go to Roots for everything that’s delicious and healthy. They have a location in Old South and a small shop in the Nine Streets. Oh and btw, the vegan pasta and vegan eggsalad are so tasty!

HearthA concept store where you can also eat a vegan meal, and that on a swing. Tell the staff that you’re vegan, not everything on the card is in fact vegan. Go for a nice soup or one of the cakes.

VegabondYou’ll find the most delicious vegan cupcakes and sandwiches at Vegabond on the Leliegracht. The dishes are daily fresh made with no added flavor enhancers and other crap. Totally pure.

Golden TempleThis cozy Indian restaurant is called a lowspot instead of an hotspot, a place where you can have delicious food. You want to come back.

De WaaghalsDe Waaghals is a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam where the organic menu changes every month. Dishes are vegetarian or vegan. If you don’t want to stay and eat, then take your meal home.

CottoncakeBelieve it or not, in this concept store in Amsterdam you can eat the most delicious vegan sandwiches, cakes and grilled sandwiches.

Koffie ende KoeckReally into everything that is sweet? Cake, donuts, apple fritters? Then Koffie ende Koeck is your favorite place to go from now. Order a coffee and a cake, sit back and relax.

NinourAt Ninour you can eat organic and sugar free. Most of the dishes are vegetarian, but there are also a lot of vegan options. Take the couscous with vegetables or hummus with avocado.

SpiritSpirit is a new organic restaurant in Amsterdam East where you can eat for hours. Yep, a buffet, but with vegan snacks. How nice is that.

Sla: A hotspot wo can’t be missed in our list of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam is Sla. This is the place to be. for a vegan and healthy meal.

Sla Amsterdam

Café SageAfter an hour of yoga we all feel like having a snack, at Yoga Fest at Haarlemmerweg you can eat right after your lesson. Go for oatmeal to stay in the healthy atmosphere or take a tasty veggie burger.

DopHertAt DopHert you can not only order the most delicious cakes, you can also order tasty burgers, gado gado, scrambled tofu and granola bowls. Oh and fries with mayo! You can find DopHert near Westpark.

Mastino V: Mastino V on the Bilderdijkstraat is a bit different than Mastino in the Pijp. Because at this pizzeria, they only have vegan (therefore vegetarian) pizzas. Not only really taste, also healthy and gluten-free.

Mylk: At Mylk you get a plate full of coloured vegetables, which not only vegans and vegetarians are very pleased with. Whether you like meat or not, you’ll really like the tasteful meals at Mylk Amsterdam. The dishes are mostly vegan, although there are also some dishes with fish and / or dairy products. The ingredients are local, seasonal and organic.

Well, with this list of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam you can plan a lot of dinner dates. Have fun!

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