Stewart & Sally Amsterdam: for healthy and quick stews and salads in North

Stewart & Sally Amsterdam

Stewart & Sally Amsterdam finally have a permanent location

Stewart & Sally Amsterdam is actually quite famous for many, many students from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam at the Zuidas and soon for the rest of Amsterdam. Stewart & Sally is not new. Next to the VU you can find the food truck sea container of Stewart & Sally and students have been eating their to go meals for some time already. A what? Yep, a food truck but then in a sea container. The concept is the same; you order your to go meal and eat it somewhere else. And not just to go meals, think of good stews, wraps, soups and salads. Perfect for lunch!

The food truck sea container of Stewart & Sally Amsterdam on the Zuidas is a great success, but because they don’t want to dependent on the school season, they now also opened a permanent location in Amsterdam North for lunch and dinner, take away and take in. YES!

Stewart & Sally Amsterdam for stews and salads

The menu is great. Are you going for a Stewart? Stew in a bowl, or for a Sally? Salad in a bowl. Choose for example the Stewart Smoke It Slow; a smokey beef stew with chili’s, grilled peppers, kidney beans and rice. If you rather have a salad then you can take the Feed The Beets; Beets with Turkish cheese, grilled eggplant, herbs, honey mustard and if you want lentils and lettuce. Of course you can also make your own salad and combine Stewart and Sally!

Ps: you can find Stewart & Sally Amsterdam at the Van der Pekplein 3A in North and if it’s still too far away, you can order your stew or salad via foodora ;-)

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Photocredits: Stewart & Sally

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