Qru Amsterdam: a creative pop-up meeting place with cultural events in East

Qru Amsterdam

Qru Amsterdam for table tennis tournaments and dating nights

Qru Amsterdam is your new go to place in July, August and September to meet, create and have fun. A pop-up meeting place where residents and businessmen meet to get to know each other and the neighbourhood and where you can have lunch, a cup of coffee, go to the movies, dance and theater shows and drink some beers with friends.

You can find Qru Amsterdam on the Cruquiusweg, on the forgotten ‘island’ in Amsterdam East that will change a lot in the coming months. Soon people are moving in their new homes, what makes this place a lot more interesting. This pop-up meeting place is a nice place to get to know other people and te meet businessmen who want to invest in this place to make it more livable.

How? By organizing events. For example, you can go to a nice table tennis tournament, have drinks on Fridays after work, play basketball, go to a vintage market, Jazz on Sundays, movie nights, vinyl markets and even dating nights in the industrial launch. I almost forgot, Qru Amsterdam also has a lovely, sunny TERRACE!

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