I-Scream Waffle Amsterdam: the famous icecream waffles from NYC at the FoodHallen

I-Scream Waffle Amsterdam

get your dessert at I-Scream Waffle Amsterdam in the Foodhallen

Egg waffles are hotter than hot and they finally flew over from cities as New York, London and L.A. to Amsterdam. I-Scream Waffle Amsterdam is opening a stand in the FoodHallen with the famous egg waffles. YES! The populair dessert does not sounds delicious, they look good as well. What is an egg waffle? Waffles folded as a ice-cream cone, crispy from the outside, soft on the inside, filled with ice-cream, sauce and toppings as fruit, chocolate, cookies, candy and other tasty snacks. That’s how we like it!

We don’t know a lot about this crazy waffle walhalla, but we can’t wait to order the egg waffles as a dessert at the FoodHallen. Tip: watch a movie at the FilmHallen afterwards!

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