Bloke Amsterdam: for great accessories and gifts for men

Bloke Amsterdam; gifts for him, no shit

Impatiently women are waiting for their love to be done shopping at Bloke Amsterdam. The roles have been turned around over here and I kinda need to laugh about that. Bloke Amsterdam is an accessory and gift shop for men in the city centre of Amsterdam. They really filled a gap in the market, ’cause to be honest, where can you find a real nice gift for your friend, brother or even father?

It’s not the first store from owner Bonne van der Ree, she also runs the cute shop BonBon Boutique for five years already. When she noticed that the store next door was looking for a new owner she knew she had to take this chance.

bloke amsterdam

Whiskey glasses, ties and leather bags at Bloke AMsterdam

At Bloke Amsterdam you can find musthaves with a nice design and good quality. Think of whiskey glasses, leather bags, kits for the perfect beard and hand care, butterfly ties, suitcases, but also nice office supplies, wall decoration and clocks. The brands are international and some of them are from The Netherlands. Bloke Amsterdam is not only the perfect shop for accessories and presents for men, as a woman you will probably want to buy some musthaves. ;-)

Ps: Bonne is on the side busy with a jewelery line for men and we can’t wait for it to launch!

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