Toro Boston: great tapas restaurant in the South End district

Toro Boston

go to Toro in Boston for that real spanish vibe

They say Toro is one of the best tapas restaurants in Boston. In the weekend the waiting line for a table can get up to 3 hours! So make sure to be there on time. Or let them put your name on the list, go somewhere else for a drink and come back. Toro is the restaurant of Chef Ken Oringer, known in Boston, for his excellent art of cooking. And thats why its a must visit when you are in Boston.

Toro is a Barcelonastyle tapas restaurant where they serve traditional and modern Spanish tapas. Made with local and sustainable ingredients. Nice to know: from Monday to Friday you can also go here for a nice lunch (and usually the waiting line is a lot shorter then) and every Sunday they organise a real Spanish brunch.

Toro Boston Toro Boston

Tip: Are you in Boston for a few days? Then do a culinary tour to check out the best restaurant hotspots! In our list of favourite restaurants are: Myers & Chang, B&G Oysters, Row 34, Alden & Harlow and Loco.

Plan your city trip to Boston:

>> This is how you get there!
– Check out websites like Skyscanner to compare the ticket prices. Search for cheap tickets to Boston here.
>> This is where you stay!
– Spend the night at boutique hotel XV Beacon in the city center of Boston!
– Or book a room at the top floor of Nine Zero hotel – also in the city center – for a beautiful view on the city.

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