Pack List: this is what you bring with you to Glastonbury Festival!

24 juni 2015

Sleeping in a pop-up tent hotel and walking around at the festival area

Sometimes you have those things that you have already had on your bucketlist forever. Glastonbury Festival is one of those for me. Even when I was just a fourteen year old alternative teenager I just knew…someday I’ll be there. Thursday it’s finally time. That’s when I will fly to Bristol and go to Glastonbury festival for the first time EVER. In this blog I’ll share my Glastonbury pack-list with you!

>> Packlist for Glastonbury Festival >>

It seems to be that Glastonbury is one of the coldest and most wet festival there is. So that means bringing a lot of warm clothing. And in case the sun is going to show up anyways, some boho summer outfits.

>>> Summer essentials >>>


CK Jeans shorts // TEVA platform sandals // H&M kimono //

Michael Kors backpack via Omoda // Ray-Ban Erika sunnies

>>> Rain or shine ;-) >>>


Rains rain coat // Topshop floppy hat // Hunter rain boots

>>> Festival proof beauty >>>


Clinique travel kit // Inflight wet tissues (via Merci in Paris) //

Salon B Undone Styling Dust


Of course we’re going to tell more about our adventures at the Glastonbury festival. Starting on Friday I’ll be microblogging about my adventures in the pop-up hotel and at the festival area through Facebook and Instagram. So in case you’re not following @yourlbb then you can do that here: and or add me on Snapchat via @yourlbb.

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