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New Years Eve in Amsterdam 2012 -2013: tips for a great night out!

31 december 2012

What are your plans for New Years Eve in Amsterdam or else in the world?

New Years Eve in Amsterdam is so much fun! There are lots of outdoor parties going on at De Dam and Museumplein and clubs open their doors hosting the best DJ’s. A few weeks ago I blogged about the best parties in town. Read my blogpost about New Years Eve in Amsterdam here. Last year my love and I spend NYE in Paris. It was such a great party and wild night, that we decided not to set plans for New Years Eve in Amsterdam 2012-2013. Our night in Paris is hard to exceed ;-). We’re on the guest list at several parties so we’ll see what the night brings. Most important thing about NYE is spending it with friends! So that’s what we’re going to do. Having a lovely dinner with our friends who live in Oud Zuid and watch the fireworks at their roof terrace. And as the night passes by I let you know where we end up!
PS: this picture was taken at this cool private party at Marie-Suzy in Paris last year. A glass of bubbly in one hand and a party horn in the other, lol!

Have a great one!
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Photo credit: found this very cool picture of the bottle of bubbly at the Tumblr Heels and Inspiration!


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