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I LOVE… still life paintings of flowers

4 november 2012

they add colour to your home and it looks great on a plain white wall. I once spotted this huge print of an antique oil painting with a still life of beautiful flowers at Pol\’s Potten, but it costs more than € 700,-… A ‘little\’ bit over budget for me ;-). But, how it works with inspiration, just hold on to the idea and one day create it your own. Well, that day has come! Thanks to the Rijksmuseum\’s new tool called Rijksstudio.
Just browse through the collection of more than 125.000 pieces and select the piece you love most to download it in high res. You can easily order a print of that painting online, for example on perspex or canvas, and ad a piece of art to your interior. And… for a lot less than € 700,-!

PS: due to copyrights you can off course only use the images for personal use! Please respect that.

Check out my Pinterest board with more still life of flowers!

Photocredit: ‘still life of flowers in a vase\’, from Rijksstudio. Original painting by Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1650).

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